How to Use Whatsapp As a Desktop Application on Windows, Mac and Linux
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Two Methods:Unofficial WhatsApp for DesktopHow to use Unofficial WhatsApp for Desktop

Millions of WhatsApp users across the world sighed all together when WhatsApp for web arrived back in the month of January. This version was not anything different but an individual full-fledged desktop app like Skype app. But it was something that heavily dependent on the Android phone for authentication and internet connection, still it offers a good interface to the user to connect with their friends and colleagues. With this version only the desktop user got facilities. This desktop Whatsapp app offers all those facilities that an Android mobile phone app offers to its user.It really doesn’t look like WhatsApp is coming out with a desktop version app of its own or an API like Telegram. But by this, one thing is confirmed that now Whatsapp has an unofficial desktop client. So let’s learn how to manage this app and some other important things regarding this app.

Method 1 of 2: Unofficial WhatsApp for Desktop

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    Unofficial WhatsApp for desktop is a free and open source app that created by Alexandru Rosianu. He is a famous person and the inventor of facebook messenger app for the desktop users also. This app is available for free on Mac, Linux and Windows. This is a user-friendly app and most of the people use this app to connect with their friends.
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    It is nothing but a wrapper for the WhatsApp for the web client which means all of your conversations yet proceed through the Android Application safely. As it is not a third party client, the chances of WhatsApp turning against the app are pretty less. Important information to the iOS user is that as WhatsApp for web workers, sending private information to a computer with the help of wireless network, iOS users can’t take the benefit of this feature. They also can’t use the desktop app.
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    Below are the features that make WhatsApp better than using the web app in your default browser.
    • Once you login this app automatically launch and refresh
    • It will show native notifications that are also well-available in the web app in Chrome.
    • It always works as an independent app. Your WhatsApp conversations will get lost when you open other tabs in your chrome web browser.
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    For the complete action, it is necessary to running the same WhatsApp for web. You can easily get access to all the features like contact list, quick search, sweet material design transitions, voice messages, and the ability to drag in media files. As you know this is a wrapper but still it is a nice app and most of the people use this app in recent days. User-friendly, easy installation process and easy communication facilities are some interesting features that offer to the user and these are the reasons, for which this app is so popular among people.
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    It removes the bad looking borders from the web interface and offers a fresh interface to the user. This app always focuses on conversations. The look of this app is quite nice and eye-catching and the big beautiful text offers you better texting experience. This app is really far better than a mobile WhatsApp that most of the people use in their phone.

Method 2 of 2: How to use Unofficial WhatsApp for Desktop

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    It is always a difficult to manage an unofficial Whatsapp for desktop for a new Whatsapp user. But an old user can easily pick the technique behind the desktop WhatsApp. It is always better to use the updated version of Whatsapp in your Android mobile phone. Now tap the three dotted menu and go for WhatsApp Web.
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    On your desktop first of all you have to launch the app and there you will find a QR code. Use the Android phone to scan the QR code and after that you will connect automatically to the desktop WhatsApp app.
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    This above discussion is for the old user those who have already WhatsApp account. But if you are a new user then you have to first create an account and for this mobile number registration is required. For this first install the WhatsApp app and then give your mobile number name and other required information in to that app. After giving all these required information you will get an id verification code, and that code is nothing but the key of your account confirmation. After the account confirmation you can follow the above discussed process to connect with a web version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp support operating system like windows, android, iOS and Blackberry. So don’t worry about it you can use this web app if you use any of these operating system. Overall the conclusion is that the web application of this WhatsApp is a nice app and any one can use this app easily.


  • Many people complain that, the app dropped connection most of the times. This problem is nothing but some connection problem.

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