4 Ways to Use IFTTT and Workflow for Task Automation
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Four Methods:IFTTT and Workflow have different definitions of AutomationWorkflow can easily do far more at a timeIFTTT Integrates with more services:IFTTT is user-friendly

IFTTT and Workflow are two applications that always help you to frequent your tasks of your life and make them easier or somehow it almost completely does the work for you. These two applications are very useful for human beings. At the time they share this goal, the applications take different approaches to do this.Work flow is an app that is all about creating multiple series of tasks that you can easily call upon at any time. When you want to do that at that time you have to tap the button only. Workflow totally takes care of all works of your and aid you to get your desired goal. IFTTT is an app that is all about “do this then the result will be that”. That means if you set one task to trigger then another one automatically work. This app is well integrated with verities of services.If you want to know the difference between these two apps and want to know which one is suitable for you, and then let us compare these two apps you can easily find out the best app from these two.

Method 1 of 4: IFTTT and Workflow have different definitions of Automation

As per the apps, it is true that IFTTT and workflow help you to automate your life, but actually from these two, one app offers the true definition of automation, that means there is no action required from your side. That is nothing but the IFTTT app.By the help of the IFTTT app, you can easily set up your “recipies” to run it automatically. After set the recipes, you don’t need to check these for launching them. If you want to update the weather report in your Facebook daily then you can easily do these by using this app. Once you set this schedule in this app, this app will update these things properly in time in your Facebook. If you want to upload your picture in Facebook from your drop box, then this app will help you to do so. This app will use your recent photos which are present in your Dropbox and post the photos in your Facebook. Once you fix the schedule you never need to check this schedule again because it will automatically do the work according to the schedule.This app also helps you to get any lyrics to current songs that you are playing. For this, you need to open the workflow and have to pick the Get Lyrics recipe to launch the flow of tasks that easily do this for you. It will not automatically provide you the lyrics of any song for this action it need the user’s attention to complete the work which is completely different from the IFTTT because in IFTTT you don’t need any think, once you fix the schedule. So IFTTT is better than Workflow. Both apps are very useful for the users and these two apps are quite different from each other. The working process of these two apps is different from each other. In workflow you can easily do far more work at one time which is not possible in the IFTTT app. This is one of the important advantages of this Workflow app. Let us discuss about this features of workflow.

Method 2 of 4: Workflow can easily do far more at a time

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    Workflow will perform diverse works at a same time but IFTTT will not able to do so because; it can only focus in one work only. When IFTTT app will face different steps to complete your work at that time it always fails to complete the work. But workflow can easily do these complex works with more care and effectively. You can take an example of pizza assistance. For pizza order you need to fill up some criteria like address and which pizza. So in this case IFTTT will fail to complete this work. But Workflow can easily do this complex work easily.
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Method 3 of 4: IFTTT Integrates with more services:

IFTTT come with more third-party services. This is one of the main advantages of this app over Workflow. In IFTTT you can get many third-party apps like Facebook, Twitter, Fitbit, Feedly, Evernote and many mores to share your works or photos.

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Method 4 of 4: IFTTT is user-friendly

IFTTT is very user-friendly and you can easily set your tasks in this app in other word the configuration of this app is very easy. Easy sharing options and many more you can easily get from this app. So IFTTT app is very popular among people.


  • If you will compare these two apps closely, then you will find that IFTTT is better than workflow. As per all perspective you can easily get more facilities from the IFTTT apps than workflow app. IFTTT is a free app and for workflow you have to spend $5. This is the main difference between these two apps. So workflow is more expensive than IFTTT.

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