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Creating a backup of your phone is one of the most important thing that every smartphone owner must do regularly. Anything can go wrong at any time. And at that time, you don’t want to lose your important data and stuff. So for this purpose, you can use the backup apps for safe keeping the important data.

So today, in this article I am going to show you some of the best backup apps you can use to create the backup of your android smartphone. The list of the backup apps is shown below:

App Backup and Restore

App Backup and Restore is a very simple and basic app which can take a backup of your device and then restore them. The user interface of this app is not that much fancy but it provides you the basic backup features like batch backups, app backups, and it can even backup and restore the multiple versions of the same app, so if you want to go back to the previous version of the app, then you can do it with the help of this app. Through this app, you can also send the APK’s of different apps to the other devices through email, bluetooth, WiFi and many more. It is a free app, but it also offers some in app purchases.

Backup Your Mobile

If you don’t need a lot of features, then Backup Your Mobile is a good solution for you. With this app, you can backup many things like system settings, apps, SMS, call logs, MMS and many other things. The user interface of this app is really simple and easy to use. And you can take a complete backup of your phone in just a few minutes. It is a free app. So you can try it out right now.


Cloud storage

Cloud storages have now become great life savers now a days. If your device is failing, then cloud storages can keep your data safe and sound. There are many cloud storages present online, and whichever you want to use, you can choose it. There is Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and many others. They can be set so that they can automatically backup your photos and videos. This is a great way to keep your stuff safe and sound. You can also backup your files and documents, and almost anything you want to backup in it. Many of the backup apps already have cloud storage. You can also backup your music collection in Google Play Music, and that too for free.


CM Backup

CM Backup is a very highly rated and very popular app present in the Play Store. It was created by Cheetah Mobile. CM Backup creates a backup of everything present on your phone, except for applications. Unlike many other apps, CM Backup uses cloud storage, so you will be backing up your data to their cloud and restoring your data from there too. So due to this, you can restore your data across multiple devices. You can also manage and view your backups from their website. CM Backup gives you a free storage of 5GB.


Easy Backup and Restore

Easy Backup and Restore is a free app. As the name says, this app tends to be an easy and simple. This app can backup applications and other stuff like calendar, MMS etc. You can also backup the data directly to your device, or a cloud storage, if you use one. If you want to use some features like batch restoring the apps and app data, then you might need the root access, other than this, it is a really simple and easy app.


Helium is one of the first backup apps in which no root access is required. Users with root access can also use it. With the help of this app, you can backup and restore the apps to your device or your computer, it totally depends on your preferences. If you upgrade to the premium version, then you can also sync the apps between your devices and you can also backup and restore to and from many cloud storages. It is a great app. You should totally try it out.

List My Apps

This is a different kind of app. This app does not back up your phone, but instead it generates a list of your apps. If you don’t use a lot of apps, don’t have enough storage for creating backups and if you don’t want to use cloud storages, then this is a great app for you. It creates a list of your apps in many formats like plain text, XML, BBCode, market URL’s, Markdown, etc. if you need a quick list of everything you have on your device, then this app is for you. Its unique and simple and it works effectively.

Mobile Backup and Restore

Mobile Backup and Restore is an app created by Avast. It is the same company who owns the antivirus app with the same name “Avast”. This backup app is based on cloud storage and it will backup your messages, contacts, call logs and photos to the cloud storage of avast and then you can restore it from there, whenever you want. In the premium version, you can also include videos, music and apps. There are really very few apps that offer to create backup of everything including music, videos and apps all at the same time. And this backup app is one of them. This is one of the best backup solution if you are ready to pay for the premium version.

Super Backup

Another good solution for backup is this app Super Backup. It doesn’t really have any room for any kind of errors. The interface of this app is really simple, that contains individual buttons for everything that you want to take backup of, like SMS, apps, bookmarks, calendars and some others. You can yourself define the location of backup, so that you can locate it afterwards. And you can also schedule the automatic backups and backing up to cloud storages. It is a simple and free app


Titanium Backup

If you are a root user, then Titanium backup app is for you. This app is considered to be a very essential tool for the root users. For non rooted users, it has not got much to deliver, but for root users, there is nothing else like this for them. You can backup apps (along with their data), uninstall and freeze bloatware, store the backup to cloud storage, and many other awesome features. The paid version of this app offers even more exciting features. If you are a root user, then you have definitely got to try this app out.

These were some of the best backup apps that you can use for your android device. Try any one of these apps and start keeping your important data safe and sound right away.

Hope to see you soon. Thanks !!

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