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Two Methods:Unpair Apple Watch and iPhoneUnpairing Apple Watch & iPhone

Today, we are going to know about, how to unpair Apple Watch and iPhone. But before going there and to know how it is done depends on what we know about Apple watch. So, first of all we are going to gain some deep rooted experience about Apple watch and its features. Apple watch is a smart watch made and developed by Apple Company or in short Apple Inc. It incorporates or in the sense, it is made for fitness tracking and mostly has many health oriented capabilities such as checking blood pressure, sugar levels, heart beats etc. As well as integration with the ‘Apple’ smart phone and other Apple products and services. This kind of device is available in three collections:-a) Apple watch sport b) Apple watch c) Apple watch edition. This watch is categorized by different combinations of cases and first or third party bands. Apple watch depends on a wirelessly connected iPhone 5 or above to perform many of its default functions like calling or texting. It is compatible or suitable with the iPhone 5 or latest models, through the use of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.Features: The Apple watch works with ‘Apple Pay’, a mobile payment system. It is capable of receiving phone calls and iMessage and SMS texts via a paired iPhone and can track fitness, run third party apps and use in Apple feature called “Handoff”. It can control Apple TV, and act as viewfinder for an iPhone camera, give the wearer or user directions via ‘Native Maps App’, and can store loyalty, cards and tickets in ‘Wallet’. Apple watch includes ‘Siri,’ a personal assistant app, which works as an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator. The feature uses ‘natural language user interface’ to answer questions, Make recommendations and perform actions by delegating requests to set off web services such as Wolfram or Alpha. Apple watch uses a technology called “Force Touch”, which allows it to sense the amount force being applied to the display. If the watch battery depletes to less than one percent, the watch will automatically enter a ‘power reserve’ mode, which allows the user to continue reading the time for extra 72 hours. The watch then reverts to its normal mode when recharged. The feature can also be activated using ‘Battery Glance’.

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    Now, most of the users happy after using an ‘Apple Watch’ and ‘Apple iPhone’. But some customers who are not so user-friendly always face difficulty using these hi-end gadgets and they always have a complaint to make. So for this kind of people there are some easy steps, if they are thinking about selling or giving these products to somebody as a gift or a birthday present. But before doing that they must be wondering how to delete or format all the personal and private details or data like removing credit or debit card payment details. There are two methods to unpair both your ‘Apple watch and iPhone’: Erasing Content: Erasing or deleting all data from Apple Watch is pretty easy and simple. First of all, you have to open the ‘settings’ on the device home screen.
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    After that you have to navigate to ‘General>Reset. After selecting ‘reset’. Tap the ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ option.
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    If there is an ‘Unpair Apple Watch’ option is available in the Apple Watch, then select the option and unpair it.

EditMethod 2 of 2: Unpairing Apple Watch & iPhone

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    Everyone must be aware of the fact that Unpairing Apple Watch & iPhone must be done in the case if the user has made up his mind about selling or gifting his devices to somebody. To unpair, Please follow this steps: Open the Apple Watch Application on your iPhone device.
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    After that Tap My Watch-) Apple Watch-) Unpair ‘Apple Watch’ now.
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    Finally Tap Unpair, (Whatever name you have given in your Apple Watch)


  • You should be or anyone who is trying to unpair his/her own device, must be aware that trying to erase your Apple Watch, when it is out of range of iPhone, the date will be erased when it comes back into range.
  • Unpairing has an added advantage that it also removes Apple Watch from a user’s iCloud account. There is a major concern, when a user loses a smart phone or Apple Watch or maybe, both. Anyone having these products will also have the access to credit card or debit card information. Removing the payment details from your ‘Apple Watch’ is very easy. To remove, all the credit or debit card details follow these steps: 1) Sign in to Remove your cards. 2) Go to Settings -) My Devices. 3) Select the device name installed in your device. 4) After that, Click ‘Remove All’. And that’s all, Your payment card details are removed.

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