How to Turn Off Repeat Message Alerts on iPhone and iPad: 3 Steps
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To all those trusty Apple fans out there – you really like your Apple gadgets don’t you? The trendy iPhone with never ending upgrades on cool technology, and changes in how sleek the model can look, and how awesome it can look on your hand. And even the cooler iPad, which is basically like a laptop with a virtual keyboard –it is good for all computing functions anyway (well unless you’re a serious gamer or a programmer). Nowadays, with the advent of such cool toys, the essential need for a phone – which is calling a person in order to have a proper conversation, is all but gone! Even basic texting has disappeared. Instead, we like to converse through free texting softwares like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger which allow us not only to send texts, but also images, videos, and audios! In addition to these, we also like face-timing or video chatting (as people want to call it) and the conversations just keep getting more and more interesting!What is not interesting however is the number of alerts which make our phone ring or buzz too many times a day and actually distract us from our daily jobs and responsibilities.The default iOS setting for iPhones is for message alarms to ring with the content tone twice, in a two moment interim. While the rehash instant message ready sounds, warnings, and vibrations on the iPhone can be useful for a few individuals, those of us who are fundamentally stuck to our telephones have a tendency to experience an incredible inverse and wind up discovering the dull cautions an aggravation, since it can appear as though you're being immersed with writings when you're definitely not. We'll cover how to kill that so that the caution never rehashes by any stretch of the imagination, significance in the event that you get one instant message, you will just get one ready sound and one notice for it.


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    Instructions to Disable Repeat Message Alerts, This setting will apply to all approaching instant messages (SMS) and iMessages: Open Settings and go to "Notices"
  2. 2
    Pick "Messages" and look down to discover and select "Rehash Alert"
  3. 3
    Select "Never" from this rundown and close out of Settings for changes to produce results


  • Whenever you get a SMS or message, you'll just find out about the toll once and feel the vibration once. This can speak to a colossal alleviation and it likewise uproots the false-positives that happen as a reaction of the twofold warning. Pretty much every iPhone proprietor has encountered this sometime recently, where one content or iMessage has been got yet due to the tedious ready sounds and vibration, you believe you're getting blasted with considerably more instant messages than you truly are. This imparts a feeling of earnestness and inquiries like "is this a crisis?" whirl through your psyche, especially when you can't take the time to check the iPhone for reasons unknown on the grounds that you're in a meeting, classroom, or the telephone is in another room, and those tedious alarms abruptly make you excessively mindful of the need to check the gadget. This makes a mental diversion, and for the previously stated reasons any individual who fundamentally dependably has their iPhone with them ought to take the time to incapacitate the rehash ready sounds and notices, so you can get some genuine feelings of serenity and really know in case you're getting sent various instant messages or on the off chance that its notwithstanding one tolling dully in your pocket.
  • Additionally, an inconsequential symptom can be a somewhat expanded battery life for the iPhone in light of the fact that the gadget isn't utilizing its screen to light up on the second caution, and the vibration motor just gets initiated once.
  • So, no that you are aptly armed with knowledge on how to avoid being disturbed, use these tips and get buzzed by your iPhone or iPad fewer times a day! Cheers!

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