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Keep your baby safe by keeping window blind cords out of reach.

Decorating your baby's or toddler's room with window blinds might not cross your mind as dangerous, but the cord that hangs from them poses the risk of strangulation to small children. A child looking out the window or playing with the cord may result in the cord becoming tangled around his neck due to his height. When he tries to free himself, he may pull the cord up, lifting his feet from the ground and cutting off his air supply. Properly tying the cord out of your child's reach reduces the risk of this happening.


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    Insert the cord through a tie down device. Contact the manufacturer if you can't find a compatible product at a baby supply store. A tie down device looks like a small pulley; some have screw holes on the bottom and some have screw holes on the sides. For most tie down devices, slide the cord over the pulley, with the loop on the bottom and the the sides extending upward. Make sure the cord stays on the track.
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    Attach the tie down device to the wall or floor with the included hardware. This is typically done with screws included with the device and a screwdriver. Tighten the screws as far as they will go. This keeps the cord on a continuous track, preventing a hanging loop that could potentially entangle a child. Ensure that the cord remains on the track once the device is installed.
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    Check your tie down device often to ensure that the screws are tight and the cord is on the track. If the hardware is loose, tighten each screw as far as possible. If the cord slips off the track, reattach it immediately.
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    Examine your shades or blinds very carefully as some products feature both outside and inside cords. If yours has both, follow the same steps to secure the internal cord, which poses the same risk as the external one.


  • Many blind and shade manufacturers provide free safety materials. New products often come with these items.For added safety, remove the cords altogether and replace them with twist wands.


  • Never place your child's bed under a window where she could possibly reach the cord. If you think she's sleeping she could be in trouble and you wouldn't know it.

Things You'll Need

  • Tie down device compatible with your blinds
  • Screwdriver

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