How to Teach the Concept of Uniqueness to Preschoolers: 7 Steps
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Equip your kids with tolerance skills so they can relate with anyone.

The idea that everyone is unique and special is an important concept for little minds to grasp. Because diversity exists everywhere, kids need a firm understanding to make it possible for them to accept and embrace others. These skills will ensure that your child doesn't freak when everyone doesn't look, sound or think just like he does. With important information about uniqueness, preschoolers will have the skills they need to mix it up with anyone.


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    Talk about the word "unique" in a context that a little kid can understand. Unique means "one of a kind" and completely different from anything else.
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    Tell your little one that no one else in the whole world is exactly like she is. This special innate difference is a perfect example of uniqueness.
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    Give examples of the physical characteristics that make people unique. The combination of skin tone, hair color, eye color, gender, height and bone structure combine to make a person look different from others.
  4. 4
    Ask your kid if he's ever seen another person in the world who looks or sounds exactly like he does. When your kid says "no," tell your kid that this is because he's unique.
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    Look for ways that your child is similar to other kids to talk about the things that everyone has in common. The important things like needing love, wanting to belong and feeling sad are common to everyone regardless of how they look.
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    Find out if your little one has an opinion about what characteristics are better or worse than others. If you hear statements like, "Blonde hair is best" or "I think blue eyes are best," then you can gently correct by saying, "People can have different hair or eye colors, but every color is just as good."
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    Model accepting other people with their differences so your little one can see tolerance and acceptance in action. By demonstrating an open and willing attitude about other people's differences, you show your child how to accept uniqueness in other people.

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