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Just because your toddler wants candy doesn't mean you should give it to her on a regular basis.

Not only does candy end up sticking to furniture and carpeting, too much candy is harmful to your toddler's health and teeth. According to Kids, a toddler needs over 1,000 calories each day, with a single chocolate bar taking up a whopping percentage of those calories. Toddlers need a healthy balance of fruits, vegetables, milk and grains. If your toddler always has a sucker in his mouth or chocolate stains on his face, use several techniques to teach him not to eat candy. The best idea is to make sure that nobody ever offers your little one any candy, but that is extremely difficult to carry out.


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    Reduce the amount of candy from your toddler's diet slowly, because nobody likes to go "cold turkey" when eliminating a favorite food. You may not be able to control how she eats when when visiting Grandma's house, but you can control this when she's with you. Instead of giving her candy as a treat after dinner, save the lollipop for a special birthday or holiday celebration. As your toddler begins to expect less and less candy, she will also desire the treat less often.
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    Avoid eating candy when your toddler is watching. Yes, on some days, this is super tough! It's OK to satisfy your sweet tooth in private, but toddlers learn by watching you. If mommy eats candy after every meal, and when she's walking around with a big frown on her face, looking tired, then your child is likely to develop similar habits.
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    Offer your toddler a variety of healthy snacks instead of candy. Kids suggests age-appropriate finger foods like breakfast cereal and fresh veggies. Sweeter fruits like apples or oranges also help curb the sweet tooth.
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    Give your toddler a choice in what she eats. If she doesn't want to eat stinky broccoli, let her eat carrots, instead. This is especially important when you first start the process of eliminating candy. Not fighting with your toddler over food makes your life easier and improves her self-esteem and autonomy.
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    Use other methods besides candy to show your toddler that you care for him and that you appreciate good behavior. It might be easy to reach for the jar of chocolate candies the first time he successfully uses the potty, but show love and praise in other ways. Doing so will reduce his desire to eat candy -- knowing it is not used as a reward or a sign of affection.

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