How to Sync iPhone Photos to Your Apple Watch: 8 Steps
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Even though it has a small screen the ‘APPLE WATCH’ still it has mANY Features that are not even on a smart phone. It comes with high-resolution OLED display. It has music, it has photos, it has fun. What more one needs under such a small screen? Still it provides features that make it simply smart. THE SMART WATCH is developed by Apple Inc. It uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to get connected to your iPhone. Once connected you don’t have to pull your phone out from your pocket to make a call or to view your photos or to change the music track. They can just be done with swipes away. It runs on WatchOS operating system that is specially developed by Apple to make every item on it to be special.If you are willing to view your photos on the go it’s easy with the Apple watch. It needs a SYNCHRONIZATION process. Just you need to do is Sync your iPhone photos to your Apple Watch. That’s going to be too easy through these simple steps below. Follow the steps below and you can find your photo in the Iphone in your Apple Watch anywhere and at any time. Despite the small screen the photos will look great. Navigate through your memories and keep in touch with them. Before going into it you should know that an apple watch when comes to store pictures it has a certain limit. It can sync only one album from your Iphone at a time, that is a bit slow and hence making it a can manage which photos is to be synchronized. You can store up to photos 500 photos. Because only 75MB has been allotted to store only photos. It has been provided with a total memory space of 8GB. The watch automatically synchronizes the photos or album you select.


  1. 1
    Tap on the Apple Watch app icon on your iphone to launch the app. 
  2. 2
    at the bottom of your iphones screen you can see a option showing My Watch Tab. Give a click on it.
  3. 3
    next go to the option showing Photos and give a click on it.
  4. 4
    Now; it’s your wish that which photos you want to carry on your wrist. You will be seeing two options concerning how you want to be notified of the alerts associated with your photos. Two possibilities i.e. MIRROR MY PHONE and another one CUSTOM. 
    MIRROR MY PHONE- selecting on it notifies you about the iCloud photos andCUSTOM -selecting on this means you will have to create your own. You can go for any one of the option according to your need.
  5. 5
    now, for your photos you need some memory space and here you can select how much memory space you want for you photos. You can allow the space you require. For doing this tap on the option ‘PHOTOS LIMIT’.
  6. 6
    soon after completing the above step you will find four options showing the memory spaces you need and accordingly you can select one of them. The option will be seen just in the same manner as shown below:-5MB: 25 photos,15MB: 100 photos,40MB: 250 photos,75MB: 500, photosSelect any of the four options you need. The storing is limited up to 500 photos.
  7. 7
    Once you have selected the saving option for your photos; you don’t need to stay on that page. Take a back step by clicking on the BACK ARROW right at the top left the corner.
  8. 8
      Now; it’s time to get your photos Sync so that you can have it on your Apple watch. You now need to search for an option showing SYNCED ALBUM. Here you can select your stuff you want to be viewed on your Apple Watch. Also you can opt for favorite so that new photos that are your favorites will be automatically synced to your watch.


  • That’s all; now enjoy your photos on your wrist. Open the app provided on watch i.e. PHOTOS APP and view your synced memories.
  • There is an extra feature added to it that is DIGITAL CROWN. This feature allows you to zoom your pictures on that small screen. Isn’t that awesome? Zoom it IN and OUT according to your need.
  • Apple’s such creation is awesome and for this it is the world’s one of the leading corporation. Lots of great stuffs below a small display. Isn’t it great? But still many of its customers have bit complained regarding its memory space allotted for photos to store. It would have been better if this matter is taken into the account soon by the Apple developers Team.

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