How to Stop iPhone Apps from Using Mobile Data: 8 Steps
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Two Methods:Disable Access to Cellular DataDisable Background App Refresh

Apple is the most renowned brand because of its unified technology. It has been serving people with maximum features. On iphone the platform i.e. iOS is so popular that people are crazy to use one. But everyone cannot afford an iphone. They are generally costly. But using it will give you immense satisfaction. Iphones can be said as the most successful creation in the history of smart phones. It uses iOS platform to run which is so simple and handy making it yours perfect partner on the go. The developers are working on it to bring out more simpler and advanced versions which will make your life simple. Until, you get a better way out, it’s better that you follow this article.Suppose you are not using internet on your iphone but still you find your Data balance going down every time you check your phone. You get tensed. In this case what happens is; you enable using of mobile data on your phone; the third-party apps that are on your iphone consume your data even if your iphone is barely in use. Making you surprised, your limited data pack ends much before the cut-off date.Here we will go for a bit smart and an effective way. Through this way you can stop unnecessary consumption of your cellular data. Let’s start.STOP APPS FROM USING MOBILE DATA ON YOUR IPHONE:There may be several apps which you might not be using more often. By disabling such apps from unnecessarily using mobile data, you can conserve plenty of cellular data on your iphone. Exactly what happens is; when you exit an app an return to home screen, the app gets paused itself completely until you return to it. However, the app refreshes data automatically while it’s running in the background, saving you from refreshing it manually. Hence, your limited data allowances get sucked up. Now, if you have several apps running in the background, they consume the megabytes lessening your data allowances.The below steps will tell you, how you can manage those apps from using your megabytes. Go for this and help save your data from getting sucked.Here you have two ways you can save your data from being wasted:You can disable access to cellular dataYou can disable background App refresh

EditMethod 1 of 2: Disable Access to Cellular Data

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    go to your home screen and then open your menu. Once the menu appears, tap on the settings icon to open the setting part where you can make some changes.
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    you will see an option ‘MOBLILE OR CELLULAR’. Hope you have found it, now tap on it.
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    Now; you can see the apps that use your data in the background and the megabytes it has consumed while running in the background. Even if you don’t use them, still they use your Cellular Data. Scroll down you will see the whole list of apps under USE CELLULAR DATA FOR.
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    Toggle to turn OFF the apps which you don’t want to use cellular data for.It’s done! Hereafter, these apps won’t access your cellular data. At times you need to allow these apps to use your mobile data, follow these mention steps to turn it ON.

EditMethod 2 of 2: Disable Background App Refresh

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    Background App Refresh is turned on by default on your iPhone. Apps refresh their content in the background with the use of Wi-Fi or cellular data. It’s one of the main reasons why mobile data is sucked up implausibly fast. Moreover, it can improve your iPhone’s battery life as well. Let’s start! Follow these simple steps and help save your megabytes from being wasted. Go to the Home screen then open the menu on your iphone. Hope you have the menu to choose from. Tap on the setting icon provided.
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    once you have opened the Setting, you need to make some change over here. Now, tap on General.
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    Once, you have opened the general settings part, search for an option Background App Refresh.
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    Tap on the Background App Refresh and toggle turn it OFF.It’s done! Henceforth, Apps will not refresh in the background. You can also turn it ON by following the above mentioned steps.


  • Hopefully, this dodge should work for you flawlessly. In future there will be simpler way as a new technologies are been implemented by the developers. There will be surely something new. In the future there will be a better way of handling your settings in a simplified manner. But, the way allowed to stop apps using your mobile data is not at all bad. Until, something better is prearranged, till then let’s go for these methods and keep enjoying your iphone.

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