How to Stop Toddlers from Rolling Out of Bed: 5 Steps
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All of you get a better night's sleep with a few easy fixes.

At some point between 1 and 3 years of age, your toddler probably resembles a monkey more than a kid. Climbing out of his high-railed crib is usually a sign that it's time to make the switch to the toddler bed. Of course, with the introduction of a new bed comes the introduction of the possibility that your little one might roll onto the floor during the night. You can put a few safeguards in place to help your little one feel safe and secure while sleeping... not that it'll stop him from getting out of bed 20 times a night.


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    Transition your child to a toddler bed rather than a full-size bed when he seems ready to ditch the crib. Toddler beds are lower to the ground and usually feature built-in rails -- not to mention favorite characters -- to get your child excited about making the switch to a big-boy bed and feeling more secure, thanks to the safety net of the rails.
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    Slide your child's bed against a wall so that there's only one opening where he might roll out. While the bed in the middle of the room might look super-cute with the decor, putting it against the wall is safer. You can always move it back away from the wall once your toddler has overcome his wiggly tendencies.
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    Attach separately-purchased bed rails if you plan on switching straight to a traditional single or twin bed. Home stores often carry mesh rails that clip directly onto the bed frame so they don't pose a suffocation hazard, but they still keep your little one from rolling out of the bed.
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    Cut a pool noodle in half for a low-cost and low-level amount of support. If your child doesn't need a full rail but you'd still like a little extra protection, slide a halved pool noodle underneath your child's fitted sheet, a few inches from the edge of the bed. When your child rolls around in the night, it might be enough to stop him from rolling all the way over the pool noodle stopper to keep him in bed.
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    Place a few pillows and blankets on the floor alongside your child's bed. That way, if he does roll out, there's a soft place to land and a little peace of mind for yourself. You'll find that as your little one becomes more comfortable with his new digs, he'll stay put better and you can remove the safety net -- until he finds some other trouble to get into.


  • If your child does roll out of bed, check for large bumps or any swelling. If there are none, the website Ask Dr. Sears says there's probably nothing to worry about. If you do see a significant swollen area or lump, or if your child displays other signs of injury such as a limp that does not subside in a couple of hours, seek emergency medical care or call the pediatrician for advice.

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  • Toddler bed
  • Bed rails
  • Pool noodle or towel
  • Pillows

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