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Your toddler has performed an Evel Knievel-style leap from her crib, a clear sign that it’s time to transition into a toddler or twin-sized bed. You have a bed in mind, but your toddler is hesitant to abandon her crib. Helping your anxious toddler pick out her own toddler bedding will help ease this switch. Before heading out to your local department store, consider the bed’s size, your toddlers taste and your budget before blowing a week’s grocery money on Egyptian cotton toddler bedding that will eventually be peed and pooped on.


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    Bring your toddler along with you and encourage her to choose a bedding set. You might not be thrilled about the electric pink Hello Kitty sheets and comforter, but allowing your toddler control over this choice gets her excited about the transition.
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    Locate information on the bedding’s fiber and finish, which is generally found on a back label. In general, a tougher, less expensive cotton-polyester blend is the best choice. The material is wrinkle-resistant and durable enough to withstand the tugs, tears and repeated spin cycles to remove melted chocolate. Finish is also a consideration, as many manufacturers treat their bedding with chemicals -- including formaldehyde and silicone -- to help prevent shrinking. If this is a concern, look for organic bedding or pure-finish sheets.
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    Slip the sheets on your toddler’s bed before washing. As with trying on a pair of skinny jeans, it’s important to ensure the sheets will fit, as sizes and measurements can vary by manufacturer.
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    Purchase a second, third or maybe even fourth set of emergency sheets. These don’t have to be expensive or covered with butterflies and daisies. These are the sheets you throw on after your toddler drinks chocolate milk in bed or wakes up at midnight with the stomach flu.
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    Purchase a water-resistant mattress pad. Slip the plastic pad under the sheets to help protect the mattress against spilled water, leaking diapers or unfortunate accidents.
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    Choose a pillow that is either flat or firm. According to the Women's and Children's Health Network, pillows aren't essential for toddlers, but if your tot wants to feel more like Mom, Dad or her older siblings, a firmer pillow is the best option.

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