How to Setup Google Apps for Your Domain (with Pictures)
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Every day there are always new things are popping out of ideas as well as daily activities around. A lot of new stuff that need to be studied to increase our knowledge for the field work and a hobby that was involved. Well, for that we need the development of new things that we can get useful. On this occasion, I would like to share a tutorial on How to Setup Google Apps for your Domain. You certainly know Google is the biggest search engine and the most complete in the world to use almost the entire country to find out various things, but it also greatly helps businesses in developing and improving its business.

Well, almost everyone knows what it is google, but now we need to know about Google Apps. What is Google Apps? Google apps is a service provided by Google for using custom domain names with several Google products, such as Gmail, forms, calendars, documents, Gtalk, and so on. But unfortunately, Google Apps services is not free to use, but also quite affordable for businesses to make the business look professional. Only pegged $ 50 / year per product, and you can enjoy the convenience of the pro stage.

What are the benefits? Well, here if we use the email service of Google apps we can create an email with his own name and is followed by the name of the business. Email is different from what we usually do in mail or yahoo, but the email will look more professional such as because it is not free. If you want to explore on google apps I hope you still read more.

Okay, let's get started!

Step one we must do to have a domain name that is already registered, or if we have not could to register it in google. So don't worry. Everything you need to your business will be made easy with this service.



Step two after registering a domain name we determine which service you want to use or choose the services of a Google Apps, such as email. How to open the following link and then select the Google Apps administrator and enter your domain. Then click Get Started

how to setup google apps for your domain

Step three we need to fill out the form on "Account Administrator" and click "Sign Up" if necessary could also fill out the form on the "Organization Information" and click "Continue"

how to setup google apps for your domain

Step four we will setup a Google Apps, here we can make the email, password, and verify it. But make sure that the email and password have been appropriate before proceeding with click "I Accept, Continue with Setup"

Step five was to enter the menu verification and do it as easily as changing xx xxx CNAME record and click "Continue" as shown below:

how to setup google apps for your domain

Step six we need to redirect the CNAME given a unique code, so let's refer to the following link Simple DNS Editor and if you are in need of assistance can contact the support.

Step seven just not forget to click "I've Complete Step Above". But this is not finished after we succeeded in set up a CNAME

Step eight should we need to follow the instructions on the image below for more convenient setting to enable email by clicking "Activate email".

how to setup google apps for your domain

Step nine will display information to make arrangements MX Record accordance with the data that has been provided by Google. And return to the cPanel page to make these settings. But be sure before doing these settings must first remove the original settings and click the "I Have Completed This Step"

how to setup google apps for your domain

Step ten is the third part of the final steps required to setup google apps for your domain. Now click on the menu "Service Settings -> Email -> Custom" and then enter the following instructions as shown below.

how to setup google apps for your domain

Step eleven we need to redirect CNAME of subdomain "mail.domainname" CNAME to google like through cPanel features available.

Step twelve is final. Now, please create an email address, create email lists, and so forth through the dashboard of your Google apps. Now you possess a free email feature from Google that you can use it wisely.

Now we can switch to using the best service of Google Apps for businesses that shot is better, because with this service then we can deal with clients easily and quickly. For example, in reply to their emails, give info, info about the exciting business that we're in, and so forth. So they will feel valued and its main purpose is to improve the progress of the business. And it should be emphasized again that the service is open in the form of software that can downloaded and installed, but the service quite enjoyed for transfer and register a domain with ease.

In addition, we also need to know the other benefits of using Google Apps services include the ability to consolidate the platform that we use. The point is easier for us to move all platforms email, contacts and calendars to Google Apps without any hindrance. Of other are support costs cheap enough, because by using this service we've no need to use any client software. It is also the scalable environment with automated email storage growth and overcome the internal system problem that often occurs in general.

Now if you start thinking to switch to using Google Apps? I do not have to think twice about using the services of this super easy and build relationships with a lot of advantages. And Google also provides collaboration services are highly efficient for our use with friends and relatives, so you do not have to worry to pay one time the service was very satisfactory. I also love being able to share this exciting thing to you, but if you find that is not enough to understand, keep in connected to our web. We'll help find the best solution for you to try out the tutorial above. So still do not hesitate to ask as feed back good. That is information on how to setup google apps for your domain.

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