4 Ways to Repost Instagram Posts from Android and iPhone
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Four Methods:Proper Instagram Repost EtiquetteRepost for Instagram both for iPhone and AndroidRegrann for Android:Repost App for photos

Nowadays almost everyone use social media to connect with friends. Twitter has the retweet button, Pinterest has Pin and Facebook has Share. It is too easy to share post and any photos in any social media sites. Not particularly for any social media sites, but for the other apps like Instagram. These sites are not giving you any opportunities to open more than one account. It doesn’t give permission to share other posts. But it is true that there is a way, where there are millions of users of this app. This way is nothing but a way of unofficial hackregraming. It is not an indigenous feature, but it is obvious an understood term in the Instagram community.

EditMethod 1 of 4: Proper Instagram Repost Etiquette

When you regram, that means you are posting someone else’s content on your profile. It is always true that this process is not a fake one, as long as you credit the post to the original poster, and never forget to check that their profile is in public mode and not private. You can easily credit the original poster by water marking their handle directly on the image or mentioning it in the caption, with other original text what you want to write on it. And now what we are discussing about the app today, always help you to do all that without trying too much extraordinary things in it.

EditMethod 2 of 4: Repost for Instagram both for iPhone and Android

Repost is the go to regramming app that is well applicable for Android and I Phone. This app is totally free to start with and you can use it with the Instagram app. After that you have to open the app and begin with logging in to Instagram. You can easily see your feed there. To repost you have to tap and select a photo. You will easily find a big repost button there.

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If you want to remove the water mark then you have to upgrade to the premium version of the app which is very easy to upgrade you have to pay only 5$ for it. Once you upgrade this app then the iOS app will provide you the share sheet from where you can easily select the open in Instagram option. If you are an Android user, then the Instagram app will open automatically. You can easily share your photo caption and any important message with your picture. In the text field, you can easily see the original caption i.e. embedded plus a nod to the original poster.

EditMethod 3 of 4: Regrann for Android:

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    Regran is only for the Android and it uses the customizability facilities of Android to its advantages. Regrann is a free app and for this there is no sign in required or for the update of this app there is no payment required it’s totally free for an Android user.
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    The working process of this app is very easy, for this you have to only install the app and make sure that it is working properly. After installing this app go for the app and open it and tap the three dotted menu button from any photo and select the copy share URL. By doing this, you can easily get the Regrann menu option to save the image. You can easily share from here in Facebook, Twitter and in Instagram. For this you need to tap on these options.
    Regrann for Android quick repost on instagram.jpg
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    Now you will find that the image will show up back in the instagram editor place. In the caption, the app will easily embed the original poster and handle it properly and shows that this is a repost.

EditMethod 4 of 4: Repost App for photos

This is a free app for iOS. You can easily feed in this app; you have to tap on the picture you would like to repost. By doing this you can easily see that the user’s account and profile picture automatically appear as a black or white bar on the image and the image will rotate all the four sides. If you want to post then you have to hit the repost button in the instagram application in your I Phone. If you want to enjoy the ads free app in your I phone then you have to unlock the PRO version for that you have to upgrade the version of this app. Webstagram users can also apply this same techniques as per the above discussion for the reposting of a photo in your Instagram.


  • In this internet age, people want to use this advanced app to share their photos and thought through Instagram or other social media sites. So it is very easy to use these apps in your mobile that may be android or iOS. Above discussed methodologies are some useful techniques or guides to regram Instagram Posts from Android and I phone. So if you want to enjoy the full facilities then hurry up and use these techniques and enjoy the Instagram by reposting your photos.

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