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Read the Bible frequently to your child.

Raising children has never been easy. Christian parents striving to guide their children with Biblical principles may find the challenge even more daunting. The Bible takes a rigid stance on many issues, which is not always popular with the public. Many people think that raising children by the Bible means spending hours meditating, wearing sackcloth and perpetually frowning. This couldn't be further from the truth. God never forbids wholesome, clean fun in His word. However, the Bible is extremely clear about the parent-child relationship. It is to mirror the one God has with His children and should be based on the Biblical concepts of discipline, respect, obedience and love.


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    Teach your child God's word. Read the Bible daily to your toddler or preschooler. There are children's versions of the Bible available that present scripture in story form. You can also begin helping your youngster memorize short verses like Ephesians 4:32, which reads, "Be kind to one another." A strong foundation in Biblical knowledge will help your child understand the decisions you make as a parent when she gets older.
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    Demonstrate how to live by God's teachings. Your toddler or preschooler is watching you even when you may not be aware of it and will emulate much of what she sees at home. Although no parent is perfect, evaluate yourself periodically. How do you react when mistreated or things don't go your way? Are you prone to anger and judgmental statements? Do you watch television programs that don't reflect your Christian stance? Improving your daily walk with God will go a long way toward helping you raise a gentle, humble child of integrity.
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    Discipline your child for the right purpose. Corporal punishment is a controversial subject, but it has Biblical support. The Bible doesn't give parents a license to beat their child for the slightest offense. Instead, it advocates admonishing and correcting children and using the "rod" when necessary. Prayerfully seek God's guidance about paddling. You may not need to use this method. Some children respond to "time outs" or loss of television or playing privileges. The purpose of parental discipline should be that of God's when He chastises His children -- to cause them to see their errors, repent and get back on the right track.
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    Pray with and for your child. There's something powerful about praying as a family. It strengthens the bond between parents and child. It also lets the child see the parents in a position of humility when talking to God asking for their child's safety and thanking Him for their child's good health. Encourage your child to pray with you, to intercede for others and thank God for her blessings. Be patient as your child learns to pray, even if you have to hear long lists of requests for every pet and flower in the neighborhood. Hopefully, when your preschooler becomes a teen then an adult, she will still be in the habit of expressing gratitude.

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