How to Raise Children for a Brighter Future: 6 Steps
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Caring for a pet teaches compassion and responsibility.

Many parents wonder how they can possibly raise a child who makes the future brighter in the face of all the disharmony and immorality in the world. Parents and caregivers might feel hopeless about the future, not only for the world in general but for the future generations. Raising a confident, caring, compassionate and well-rounded person is possible if you focus on the child’s individuality and his gifts.


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    Spend time with your toddler or preschool child. Spending time with them shows your children that you value them, which can help with their sense of confidence. Focus on each child’s personality to decide how best to spend the time together. For some children, it could mean reading from her favorite book at bedtime or playing dolls with her. Other children might prefer a walk in the park, at the zoo or having a pillow fight. A child with a healthful self-esteem is less likely to negate or ignore others feelings or opinions.
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    Teach your youngster empathy. Instill the golden rule in everything you do. Talk to her about how she feels when someone is mean to her or to a close friend, and ask her to remember that feeling when she feels the temptation to treat someone badly. This teaches her that actions have consequences.
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    Participate in activities with your child to help others. Baking cupcakes together to take to a sick friend is one wise activity that can involve toddlers. Designate a box or area in your home to collect canned goods for a food bank. When you grocery shop, ask your toddler to point out a canned vegetable or fruit that he wants to put in the box for the food bank. Involving children in helping others at a young age instills this value in them as they grow older.
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    Teach responsibility to your child so that when he is an adult he will take his own responsibilities seriously. One way a child learns responsibility is in caring for a pet. Even if your child is a toddler, tell him that spending time petting and talking to the animal is an excellent way to help the pet feel loved. Preschoolers can help by picking up toys or by doing other simple household chores. People who are responsible individuals don’t shirk their duties at home or at work, thus making the world a better place.
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    Praise your child for a job well done or for trying with his best effort. Explain that it is not possible for everyone to be the fastest or the best at something all the time. Teach your child that there is value in simply doing something well. Explain that the reward is often not ribbons or trophies but satisfaction in knowing that you gave the project your all. This also shows the child that each person has his own gifts and that using his in a productive manner contributes to a better world.
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    Participate in some form of organized religious activity as a family. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, a nonprofit organization dedicated to economic issues, participation in a religion increases the chances of someone achieving economic stability. This is a wise way to surround your child with peers and older mentors with the same basic beliefs.


  • Children often learn life lessons best not by verbal teachings but by observing their parents and loved ones in action. If you are a caring, compassionate and well-rounded individual, chances are your child will mimic your examples once she is grown.

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