How to Protect Your Toddler from Baseboard Heaters: 3 Steps
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You can childproof your baseboard heaters.

Many homes rely on baseboard heaters to provide heat in the winter. While these baseboard heaters can make your home feel nice and toasty, they can also pose a danger to your toddler. Your little one is at an age where he is very curious about everything around him. While you want to give him some freedom to explore and learn, you have to make sure he can do it safely. There are ways to protect your toddler from your baseboard heaters.


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    Teach your toddler about how things are sometimes hot and can burn him if touched. Get down on his level and say, "These heaters keep our house nice and toasty, but you can't touch them. If you do, they will burn you and give you a boo-boo." Show him what hot means by pretending to touch the heater and quickly pulling your hand away saying, "Ouch! That is hot! Owie!" This will show him that the heater is dangerous and hopefully deter him from touching it.
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    Block baseboard heaters without posing a fire hazard by rearranging your furniture to keep the heaters out of your little one's direct line of vision. Out of sight, out of mind! Keep his toys on the opposite side of the room from the baseboards for a distraction. Eventually, he will lose interest in the heaters as he discovers other things.
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    Block the open gap that runs along the top of a baseboard heater by installing a child safety baseboard heater cover. Baseboard heater covers won't completely prevent your child from touching a heater, but they will prevent your little guy's fingers from poking down into the gap where the hot heating element is located. These covers won't seriously reduce the efficiency of the heater either.


  • Keep furniture, curtains and other flammable items at least 3 feet from each baseboard heater.Have someone play with your toddler in another room while you measure and install the new heater covers so he doesn't think it's OK to touch them.

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  • Tape measure
  • Child safety baseboard heater covers

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