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Being a parent can drive you to pray often, for yourself and your child.

You know your precious toddler is a gift from God and you only want the best for him. You know he will make mistakes along the way and face challenges in his life, so you feel a strong desire to pray for him. You find that need especially strong when he gets on your last nerve or when he’s sick. The time you spend on your knees for him is worth every minute as you place him in God’s loving hands.


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    Take time to get still before God. Quiet your heart and release the problems of the day. Don’t be surprised of your darling toddler interrupts your prayer time, unless you pray while he’s asleep. If he does come to you, invite him to stay and pray with you. There is nothing wrong with him knowing that you pray for him on a regular basis.
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    Address God with an attitude of gratitude. Acknowledge this child as a blessing in your life and thank God for the privilege of being his parent. Ask for God’s wisdom and guidance to be the best parent you can be so he can grow up to meet his full potential.
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    List the specific concerns you have for your toddler. Ask God to help him grow strong and wise in the ways of the Lord. Pray that God will guard his mind and heart against the evil in the world and the things that tempt him to do what he knows is wrong. Petition God to protect him from those who would hurt him or lead him down the wrong paths.
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    Pray for his teachers and others who touch his life. Ask that they also be led by God so they offer healthy examples and capable leadership in his life. Thank God for each of these individuals and ask God to bless them so they can bless your toddler.
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    Ask for any needs your family has that will impact your child. For example, you might pray for more patience with him or the provisions you need to meet all of his needs. Thank God for all of the blessings you already have and for the wisdom to be good stewards with those blessings.
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    Close your prayer with a heart-felt “Amen” and the knowledge that God hears you when you pray. If your toddler joined you during your prayer time, ask him if wants to talk to God, too, and let him offer any prayers he wants, no matter how silly or simple. Don’t rush him. He needs to know that God listens to his prayers just like he listens to yours.
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    Tell your toddler to fold her hands together and bow her head. Have her repeat after you, "Dear God, thank you for this day."
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    Tell her to say, "God, I'm thankful for..." She should list the things and people she is thankful for, such as "Mommy and Daddy, my dog, my teacher..." This may take a while, as she will likely not want to forget anyone or anything important.
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    Suggest that she tell God anything that she wants or needs. If her needs are small and minor compared to yours, let her continue with her list without laughing, even if she asks God for things you find amusing. God doesn't mind.
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    Prompt her to finish by saying, "Thank you, God, for taking care of me. Amen." Praise her efforts and repeat frequently until she doesn't need your prompting to pray.

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