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Many kids are fascinated by airplanes and enjoy being "airplanes" themselves!

Airplane is a game that young kids usually can't get enough of, and that parents often enjoy too -- right up until they feel like their backs are going to give out! This is an easy way to entertain kids and get them moving in a fun way, and it's a game that requires nothing other than a bit of space and you and your kid. Oh, and some over-the-counter acetaminophen for your aching back might come in handy later.


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    Explain to your child what you are going to do. Usually all kids need to hear is that they will be flying through the air and they're on board, but still -- it never hurts to explain the basics.
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    Prepare your little one for liftoff. Have her put her arms straight out at her sides and then pick her up, turning her so that her stomach is facing the floor, her arms are at her sides or in front of her, and her feet are pointed back.
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    Make your toddler fly. With your arms wrapped around her, one arm under her body, one arm over, gently swoop her up and down or in slow circles as she soars. Be careful not to extend her body far from yours, as you may lose your grip if she makes a sudden move, and the game is much less fun if anyone falls onto the floor. Resist the urge to swing her around quickly or over your head, no matter how much she begs, as this could make either of you sick to your stomach -- or dizzy enough to crash into nearby furniture or people.
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    Show older children how to be their own airplanes. If your toddler or preschooler is too heavy to lift in this way, you can play airplane differently. Simply demonstrate how airplanes go -- put your arms out at your sides, lower your head and zoom around the room, making airplane sound effects. Invite your tot to do the same thing, and "fly" around together. You can even practice having flight races outside for extra fun.


  • Be very careful where you play airplane. Outside in an open, grassy area is good. Inside is okay too as long as you have carpeted floors and an area that's large and clear enough that neither you nor your tot will bang into anything and get hurt.


  • Make sure to stop playing airplane before you become dizzy. Getting dizzy and lightheaded from spinning around can cause you to trip or fall.Do not attempt to lift children and swing them around if they're heavy or if you are not at full strength. This is only a game for when you are strong and completely with it.

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