How to Plan for a Two Year Old's Birthday Party in July: 5 Steps
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Bubbles are perfect for a 2-year-old's birthday party.

Your little one is about to turn 2, so it's time to channel your inner Martha Stewart to plan a birthday party. Two is a bit of an in-between age when it comes to parties; some 2-year-old's birthday parties will focus on the adults, while others will be more of a kiddie party. A July birthday can be easier to accommodate because you can make use of the warm weather. Have a backup plan just in case, though!


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    Make the guest list. Will you invite friends and family only or will you invite all the kids from her daycare or preschool? Both are equally valid at this age and you may want to have two separate parties. Since it's summer, send out invitations a bit early, since families may be planning their summer vacations.
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    Set the date and time. Your 2-year-old is probably down to just one nap, so you'll want to schedule the party either before or after to avoid a toddler meltdown. Keep the length of the party to just an hour or two; you know how difficult your toddler can be after too much stimulation. Take the weather forecast into consideration when planning the party as well. Though the weather anchor may not have the best record in predicting rain, you can be relatively certain that the day will be hot. Depending on where you live, the weather may be too hot for an outdoor party in the afternoon.
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    Decide on a location and make reservations if necessary. A July birthday lends itself well to an outdoor party if the temps aren't too hot. This is a good way to avoid the hefty fees of some birthday venues. A backyard party is the cheapest, but if you don't have a backyard that can accommodate your guests, you can take the party to a local park or ask a friend to use her large yard. Consider an indoor location if July temps are scorching in your area. If you must, downsize the guest list and invite everyone inside.
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    Write down your menu. Keep things simple and kid-friendly. Pizza is almost always a safe bed when serving kids, but you can also get a bit more creative. Use cookie cutters to cut watermelon into fun shapes or serve small snacks in toys like buckets or sand sieves that the children can then take home. Make your own healthy ice pops using frozen fruits and juices. You may even be able to have an ice cream truck make a special stop at your house during party time.
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    Think about activities for the party and purchase any necessary items. Two-year-olds aren't ready for group games, so instead think of summertime activities that the children can play alongside each other. Bubbles, kiddie pools and sand boxes are time-tested toddler favorites.


  • Though they can seem like a party staple, using balloons for decorations or favors can present a choking hazard, so decorate with streamers and ribbons instead.

Things You'll Need

  • Invitations
  • Party food
  • Bubbles
  • Kiddie pool
  • Sandbox and sand
  • Outdoor toys

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