How to Plan a Birthday for a 5 Year Old Boy: 6 Steps
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Turn the treat into a cookie decorating activity.

A perfect party for a group of 5-year-olds is one where the kids are entertained, the house remains in one piece and everyone leaves the party happy. A bit of preparation and patience can go a long way toward ensuring a successful birthday party.


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    Write down a list of guests to invite. The guest list will help determine other aspects of the party. A small gathering of family members will differ significantly from a large birthday party with friends from school. For parties with school-age friends, limit the guest list to around five children or ask other adults to help supervise the event. Decide on the length of the party as well. Keep the party to about 1 1/2 to two hours for a group of children at this age.
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    Choose a theme and a venue for the party. For a birthday on a budget, consider a party at home with a theme based around one of your children's favorite animals or TV shows. If you have a more elaborate budget to work with, you can look around for party venues to help guide the party’s theme. If your child loves animals, you could host the party at a nearby zoo while a budding scientist might enjoy celebrating his birthday at a children’s museum.
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    Design the invitations. If you’re crunched for time, pick up a package of invitations. If you have time to spare, create some custom invitations with your child. Shape balloons into balloon animals and attach a card with the party details for an animal-themed party. Obviously, you will have to hand-deliver these invites, but they are sure to make your guests smile. For a pirate-themed party, write the party details on a piece of parchment paper, fill a plastic bottle with some sand and seal the invitation in the bottle. You will probably have to hand-deliver these, too.
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    Decorate the party venue. If you are hosting the birthday at a party venue, you can skip this step and take a few minutes for yourself instead. If you’re hosting the party at home, use your creativity to transform the party room into the ultimate birthday place. For a safari-themed party, decorate the walls of the party with giant cardboard trees, hang vines of ivy from the ceiling and place giant stuffed animals all over the room. For a princess-themed event, embellish the ceiling with a multitude of twinkling lights, cover each table with delicate lace tablecloths and use miniature castles for table centerpieces. For a fantastic photo opportunity, buy a giant princess-themed mural or make one yourself.
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    Prepare party foods. You'll have a difficult time getting a group of 5-year-olds to sit still through a proper meal during a party so plan a variety of simple finger foods such as cut up fruits and vegetables, crackers and cheese, cookies, chips and cheese sticks. If you are planning a party around mealtime, get the kids involved in the meal preparation to make it more exciting. You can make mini pizzas or subs and let the kids decorate them with their choice of toppings. Instead of a traditional birthday cake, consider cupcakes or a tear-away cupcake cake for easy serving.
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    Plan activities. Have a birthday party at a zoo, indoor play center or indoor water park and the party activities are already taken care of for you. A party at home requires planning to ensure the group stays entertained and refrains from finding novel and destructive ways to occupy their time. Outdoor parties provide the opportunity for relay races, treasure hunts and bounce house play. An indoor party offers its own entertainment possibilities such as musical chairs, statues and a balloon popping game.

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