How to Plan a Birthday Party for Two Toddler Sisters: 6 Steps
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Get your gals to help you with decorating invitations.

Planning a birthday party for two toddlers at the same time may seem like double the trouble, but it can turn out to be double the fun. This will be an opportunity to look at and appreciate the similarities and differences between the two girls while incorporating your findings into the party's theme. Just remember that the key to a successful party for very young children is simplicity. Don't worry about going overboard with party supplies and activities; keep the decorating and the agenda simple and your gals will each feel special and loved on their special day.


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    Personalize the invitations. Skip the generic cards on the store shelves this year, and make invitations that show off your birthday guests of honor. Adorn the cover of each invitation with two pictures of your little gals; one picture of the two of them from last year and one from this year. On the inside of the card write a message, such as, “We’ve grown so much over the past year, and now it's time to celebrate." If you're looking for something a little more creative, pick up two tiny stuffed animals — each of your youngster's favorites. Write the party details on a piece of card stock, attach the card to ribbon and wrap the ribbon around both little stuffed animals.
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    Let each of your toddlers help pick out a few decorations for the party. If Bella's favorite color is purple and Tori's favorite color is blue, pick up a few of each and tie each youngster's favorite color to the back of her chair. Hang a “Happy Birthday” banner for each child.
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    Skip the traditional birthday cake, and pick up cupcakes. Cupcakes will be easier to hand out to guests, leaving you free to pay more attention to your birthday gals. Decorate half of the cupcakes in each child's favorite color or top half of them with images of each kiddo's favorite characters.
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    Incorporate games and activities that both girls like. While you could go back and forth between each one's favorite activities, toddlers aren't well known for their patience and you may just end up with the other gal whining all the way through. If one of your girls loves pirates while the other loves princesses, keep the activities neutral or gear the same activity to each interest. For example, you can play 'pin the patch on the pirate' at the same time as you play 'pin the tiara on the princess.' Or, have a round of musical chairs and play music from both favorite movies.
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    Help avoid the "she got what I wanted" whining in front of the guests by opening gifts once the guests leave. Kids are honest, which can be adorable sometimes and can also make gift opening a nail-biting experience — even when there is only one child. With two toddlers side by side, there's bound to be some jealousy.
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    Include goody bag items that represent both of your youngsters — a purple tiara from princess Bella and a blue eye patch from Tori the pirate.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardstock
  • Kid pictures
  • Tiny stuffed animals (optional)
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Balloons and banners
  • Cupcakes
  • Goody bags

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