How to Pick a 2 Years Old's Birthday Party Theme: 6 Steps
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Your toddler's interests help you choose the party theme.

The first birthday party is all about the parents, but by the second birthday your toddler may have her own opinions on how to celebrate. Even if she can't put into words what theme she would like, your toddler can give you hints on whether to choose her favorite cartoon character or a general theme based on her interests. Balloons and streamers are standard party protocol, but the theme helps you choose other decorations and party elements to create a themed wonderland for your birthday toddler.


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    Look around the house to gain inspiration. Consider the birthday child's favorite toys and activities that might work as a party theme. For example, if she carries her favorite stuffed animal around everyone, an animal-themed party is an option. If she goes wild for dress-up clothes, throw a party based on her favorite outfit, such as princesses or fairies.
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    Ask your toddler what she wants at her party. She may not fully understand the question, but you may get her to tell you some of her favorite things that would work as a party theme.
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    Wander the aisles of a party store to see what's available in party gear. You'll find lots of commercial characters, but you'll also discover party decor in general themes, like farm animals or pirates, that might give you ideas for the party.
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    Check out the details of the party to see if a natural theme emerges. For example, if the party will be held at a local petting zoo, an animal theme is a logical choice. Consider the types of activities you want to do and relate the theme to them. If you want to set up pools and sprinklers in the backyard, try an underwater, mermaid or pool-party theme.
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    Check the guest list to see if your potential themes are compatible. If your 2-year-old loves princesses but the guest list is full of preschool-aged boys, they won't likely want to don tiaras or decorate princess crafts. Look for a theme that works for a variety of ages or one you can modify slightly. With the princess theme, expand it to princesses and princes or pirates to include all of the kids.
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    Sketch out the details once you've narrowed down the theme to figure out how well you can execute it. If you choose a popular theme, you'll have lots of options for favors, decorations and party supplies. For a more obscure theme, you may have to get creative in making your own decorations.

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