How to Paste Copied Text Directly in Android App: 5 Steps
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Two Methods:Easy copy apps on AndroidHow useful is Easy Copy?

The only action that is sure after you copy an item is to paste it. This is a very useful action that helps you in your work. Larry Tesler is the founder of this idea. Now this idea works in different sectors and makes the work easier for the people. In the coding part thousands lines of codes also easily paste and make it easier for the people. Now developers are trying their best to develop apps those help the user to make the copy and paste work easier.

When someone use computer, there are shortcut keys that helps you to copy the text. You can also use the mouse pointer to copy paste work. When things come to the smart phone and laptops these touch screen devices never offer you that much freedom like keyboard and mouse. Now the main question is how you can make the copy paste functionality easier on android devices? You can copy a snippet in one app, and after then use diverse apps to open one of the recently used apps or a fresh one. Finally you can easily paste your requited text by a few long and short taps on the screen. In this way you can easily save the number from the browser. But now the thing is different. You can easily do copy paste in your android devices by installing some good apps. You can use an easy copy that is a simple android app that can easily skip your unnecessary steps that you have already used for a copy-paste text.

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    You can install this app from your play store easily by using internet and you have to activate this app if you want to start this app. The working process of this app is quite easy and any one can easily use this app for the copy paste work. When you copy a text on your android you will get a sliding notification and the notification is all about what you want to do with that text. Taping on any action will open the app with the text pasted in the text field. This app saves many time of the user and offer more flexibility to the user.Let us take an example, if you choose to dial a number, then the app will open the dialer with the phone number copied to it and after that you need to press the green dial button for the action.
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    Apps can be added to the list of easy copy from the app’s settings menu. There might be a limitation in the free version but till now there is no particular confirmation regarding this news. The apps that are added might not be fully compactable at the moment, but the developer is adding some supports for them regularly.
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    You can easily find an option to blacklist some apps from this Easy Copy app. This app will not initialize itself in the blacklisted apps and you can also use the traditional method of copy/pasting functions. This app has ads but it would never annoy you. If you want to buy add free version then you have to pay $1.49 via in-app purchases. This app is a useful app and many people use this app for the copy paste work.

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    This app is very useful to you. This app can help you in many sectors. First of all by this app you can easily skip your old traditional method of copy paste work on your android device. This app always save your time suppose you saw an address and phone number on a browser and want to dial that number at that particulate time, Easy copy app will help you. This app easily shows you what you want to do with this number and according to your requirement you can choose the option to complete your task.
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    There is another way you can also follow to cut copy and paste text on an android Phone. This step is very easy for this you have to select the text and choose the suitable command contextual action bar, which looks like a tool bar that is appear at the top of the touch screen. This action bar lists several commands like cut, copy and paste. You can choose your required action from these commands to complete your task. It is very simple as like you do in your computer. But if you will compare all of these techniques the Easy Copy app is far better than others. It is very user-friendly and offer better facilities to the user. This app is a popular app that most of the people use in recent days for copy paste purpose. You can get more flexibility from this app and the copy paste work also easily done with the help of this app.


  • This Easy copy app also comes with built-in translation functionality that works only in case you need to look up for a foreign word any day.

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