How to Organize Your Homeschooling Space for a Preschool: 7 Steps
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Designated areas for different types of learning activities keep the space organized.

Whether you're naturally a tidy, Suzy Homemaker-type or your house looks like it was recently ransacked, an organizational system is essential for teaching little ones. Getting your homeschooling space organized for your preschoolers means you'll spend less time searching for materials and more time engaging the kids in hands-on learning. Take control of your homeschooling supplies before they take over your entire home.


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    Divide the space into areas for different types of activities. For preschoolers, this likely will include a work space, art center and other learning centers. If your space is limited, these areas may overlap. For example, instead of having a separate art area, you might do art projects in the general work space.
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    Set up a child-sized table or desk the correct height for each of your preschoolers. When children's feet touch the ground, they're likely to fidget less and concentrate more.
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    Create your own teacher base near your children's work area. Keep all your homeschooling items, like curriculum material, calendars and tools that you don't want your children handling without your help. Use this area as your central post for managing all homeschooling activities.
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    Set up other areas for your children, like learning centers and a library. Keep items low to the ground. Learning centers might include an area with blocks or other toys that involve building things, as well as an area for dramatic play that includes costumes and a small stage. Assign specific places for all the toys and materials in each area so it stays organized.
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    Add storage shelves, drawers and baskets based on the specific homeschooling materials you have. Choose containers that best fit the available space and allow ease of use. For example, choose open-top canvas bins for teaching materials you use frequently so you don't have to mess with a lid. For smaller items, like math counting blocks, choose a container that holds them all easily and closes with a lid so they don't spill.
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    Give each child a storage space for personal materials like notebooks or favorite pencils. When you're homeschooling more than one preschooler, color code items to keep personal materials organized.
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    Hang a bulletin board or designate a certain wall as a display area for your preschoolers' work. Use other walls to hang charts and other educational materials.

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