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A little one-on-one time showing your child how to tie her shoes is a good motivator.

With all the different shoe styles these days, some parents might think teaching a child to tie her shoelaces isn't as much of an issue as it used to be. But it is a basic skill she will need to know eventually, and is easily taught to a preschooler if she is motivated to learn. Along with finding ways to make the task more intriguing to your little one, your continued encouragement can make all the difference in accomplishing the task.


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    Show him a simple way to tie his shoes until she can get the hang of the more complex way. After criss-crossing the laces and sliding one end under and through, make two loops with the ends, telling him they are bunny ears. He will like this cute term. Criss-cross the bunny ears as you did the laces in the beginning, and slide one of them under and through to tie. This is a short cut and will give your child confidence that tying his shoes is possible. You can teach him the more complicated way next.
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    Teach her a rhyme or phrase to go along with tying the shoes, such as "around the tree and through the hole." This will let your child remember the steps to tying laces, which seems to be the most difficult part for her. By knowing the steps, the act of tying will come quicker and a little easier, which will increase her willingness to try. The rhyme will also make the task more entertaining, and she will be more determined to put the lyrics with the act in order to get it right.
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    Encourage your child, instead of creating additional pressure for him. Avoid rushing his actions or getting angry when he doesn't do it correctly. In order to motivate the little one, you want to cheer him on and and congratulate him for doing as well as he did. For example, "Oh you got so close that time, way to go. OK, let's try again."
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    Give your child an incentive to learn. Provide her with a reward at the end of her learning experience such as a toy or dinner out at her favorite restaurant. In many cases a treat of some type is all a little one needs to motivate her to learn. Say something like, "If you try to tie your shoes every day this week, we will go for ice cream this weekend. And when you learn the to tie them, I will get you a new toy!"

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