4 Ways to Master Working with Text in Adobe Photoshop
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Four Methods:Basic Text ToolsHow to add text?Transforming Letters in TextTransforming Blocks of Text

Photoshop is application software that can very helpful at the time when you want to add your personal thought over an image. Photos with texts always make great promotional items such as postcards. You can easily create you can add your any information or inspirational sayings on these cards. But to do all these things you need to learn all the uses of the text adding tools. If you are creative then you can easily create quality and eye-catching photos that show better professionalism with better appearance. Here we discuss about the best adobe Photoshop text effects that help you to work with text in Photoshop to create eye-catching and beautiful photos with messages.

Method 1 of 4: Basic Text Tools

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    There are diverse adobe Photoshop text tool those help you to working with text. Many people think work with Photoshop is easy but it is not so easy actually. In this section you will learn how to adjust, add and work with text.At the time you click the text tool in the Tools palette, the context menu will show most of the basic adobe Photoshop text effects those are useful for Photoshop.
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    Select your font style according to the requirements. There are several font styles you will get from this software like bold, italic and many more.
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    The next thing is nothing but font size it is one of the most essential things to choose the best font size. You can give any number to fix your text size in this section.
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    You can easily get Anti-aliasing options in this section with text adjustment pop out.

Method 2 of 4: How to add text?

Adding text is nothing but playing with text and for this there are two ways but you have to know the better use of these two ways because it is important to use the perfect way in diverse cases.

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To open the text tool you have to use the short cut button i.e. T. After open the text tool you can type anything in that. You can easily move your text positing with click. For center you can use the Center text icon. You can easily adjust your text sizes also from this tool.

  • 1st way: The very fast way is add text with point text tool. In this way have to click on the text tool in the tools pallet after that click back on your image and start typing.
  • 2nd way: The second way is use of paragraph text. This is a bit different. Let’s discuss about these two ways.

Method 3 of 4: Transforming Letters in Text

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    If you want to provide text verities then you can change the spacing your individual letter you can easily adjust the width and height of the letter. You can easily change the font type also.You will find all things in the context menu. After the 1st step select the Text Tool for texting. Then search for the number 6 because it will open the character panel.
    Transformating Text in Adobe Photoshop.jpg
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    If you want to do edit with point text then open the text layer. If you are using paragraph text then you need to choose the text you want to transfer. So choose the proper text according to your requirements.

Method 4 of 4: Transforming Blocks of Text

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    If you want to create eye-catching text by any angle or slanting then it is very easy on Photoshop text. For this, go to the main menu and choose the EDIT option then go to the transform section and after then Skew option. After then you have to grab a handle with one of the corner and drag. You would be see the text like this
    Transformating Text Blocks in Adobe Photoshop.jpg
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    To make the text follow curvy type uses the warp text tool. After select the warp text open the section pop-up box. Here you can easily select any type of shape to your text according to your requirements.
    Adding Shapes on Text in Adobe Photoshop.jpg


  • Three simple but important ways to make text better:You can easily mark that some time the text will lost in between the photo so to avoid these things you need to follow three effective ways that are like Anti-aliasing settings, Choice of colors, Graphics designing.
  • You can easily do these three things with the help of these tools. These three things can easily provide you better designed text style with better graphics that look nice with any photo or picture.
  • From the above discussion one thing is confirmed that it is not so easy to learn Photoshop but one another thing that is good is you can easily do any designing of texts and photos with this application software. You do any color text and designing with help of Photoshop software. By using text tool bar you can easily design your inspirational thoughts and add to any photo and post in any social media sites or to your friend. So it is very essential to know all the text tools use if you want to be a master in Photoshop.

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