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As you know chrome is a good web browser that most of the people use in their daily life of official work or any other personal work. This is a fast surfing browser and comes with many eye-catching extensions. One people never stick with one tab in a browser because he /she have to visit many links to search diverse topic. Sometimes people can’t handle the numbers of tabs in Google chrome so to handle it in proper way we have some solutions for you. There are some good extensions are well available in the internet those who are helpful to manage many tabs at a time.

Best Extensions For Chrome Tab Management

Tab Manager:

Tab manager is known as the best extension that works better to manage many tabs at the same time. The default view provides you an icon overview of all the open tabs within the current open windows and the other windows. You can easily find a search bar where you can easily get to any tab that is almost not possible to find. You can easily get the other options like add window, pin tabs, delete tabs and change layout at the right side of the search bar.

Too many chrome tabs.jpg

If you feel odd to the icon view layout they you can easily change its view by clicking on the layout icon on the bottom right. This view has more details about each tab with the ever-present search bar and the options to its right also present. You can also get the option to close the current tab and open a new one at the right above side.

Chrome tab manager.jpg

This extension is a good extension and it always help to manage all the tabs easily. It has the ability to search and show all the tabs from many windows of a chrome web browser. When you have to open two windows of Chrome at that time it show you the list of all the tabs open and you can easily manage all the tabs without any hesitation. You can easily jump to any tabs easily without any effort. This extension works better in any system and one can easily handle to his numbers of tabs.

Some people like to open two chrome windows at a time in that case Tab manager works better by this you can easily see all the tabs from all your chrome windows in one place.

Tab manager.jpg

Too many tabs for chrome:

This is another useful extension that is also worked better to manage numbers of tabs easily in different windows. The main advantages of this extension is it looks better and visual effect of this extension is quite good and gorgeous and it offer card like view that makes it easy to classify that which tab is what. The overall look can be customizable as well as you also get a chance to shorting diverse tabs like sort by name, sort by web address and sort by Creation Time.

There is also a tab count on the icon itself that will always provide you a fast idea of the numbers of tabs actually open in the Chrome browser. It also provides an identifier so that you can easily find out your current tab and other needed tabs within Chrome. If you will hit the yellow arrow to the top of the tab moves it to the empty Suspended Tabs section on the right. This is a special feature that is like pinning a tab that temporarily closes the tab to be accessed at a later stage.

Too many tabs for chrome.jpg

This extension won’t work in showing you all the open tabs across many windows of Chrome, it has a nice option to export tabs across many windows of Chrome, it also having a nice options to export to Firefox, if you want to do like that.

Quick Tabs:

Quick Tabs is an extension that is more easy to use and it can handle the numbers of tab easily. Most of the people use this extension to handle the tabs easily. You can easily get all your open tabs aligned in neat rows with a search box at the top and a nice addition of recently shut section at the bottom side, showing the tabs you had close recently. This is the same feature that Google chrome also offers to its customer but you don’t need to search for it in chrome’s menu for this.

Quick tabs.jpg

These are some extra ordinary extension you can use if you can’t control the numbers of tabs in your Chrome browser. These extensions are free to install and easily available in the internet. You can easily use this extension without any proper knowledge because these extensions are user-friendly and very easy to handle. So hurry up and install these extensions and manage you multiple tabs easily and enjoy your surfing.

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