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MakeSureHow:Powered and Inspired by MediaWiki

MediaWiki is the open source wiki software created by the Wikimedia Foundation that powers MakeSureHow. It is available for free under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2. If you are interested in receiving a free copy of our software and all of its extensions, see below for the download link.

In addition, the idea for MakeSureHow was inspired by Wikipedia, a free-content encyclopedia built on the same wiki software platform. Wikipedia is a free resource that benefits the whole world. We feel indebted to the Wikipedians for inspiring us and showing us how magnificent a wiki can be. We hope that MakeSureHow can provide accurate and clear "How To" instructions, much as Wikipedia provides free encyclopedic information.

EditWelcome Wikipedians!

Welcome to MakeSureHow! If you are a Wikipedian, you will feel, more or less, at home at MakeSureHow. As you spend more time here, you will probably notice some things that this community does differently, but while you are learning the MakeSureHow way you should feel free to be bold in your editing. Eventually you will feel comfortable in both communities.

As you are editing a page on MakeSureHow, you can press Advanced Editing in the upper left on the editing screen to get the familiar Wikipedia style page editing.

Here are some links that will be helpful in getting integrated with the MakeSureHow community:

EditMediaWiki Extensions

MakeSureHow runs a somewhat modified version of MediaWiki. Many of the changes made to the software by us are freely available as extensions. It is our goal to both create extensions that help MakeSureHow users along in their quest to make MakeSureHow the best how-to manual in the world and to give these modifications back to the open source community. While not all of our features have been extracted into readily usable extensions, we aim to eventually release all of them through MediaWiki extensions or some sort of documentation. Because some features are interdependent, it is difficult to release them as individually.

A complete list of our extensions is available at MakeSureHow's version page.

EditReceiving our Source Code

MakeSureHow offers the Right to Fork. We thus provide free copies of our source code.

Please note that while we will happily give you all our source code, we are unable to provide any support for this software. With a very small engineering team, we simply don't have the resources to help anyone else install and use this software. We are sorry about this. Our MediaWiki installation is a constantly changing mix of undocumented hacks and we do not recommend any other project adopt this code lock, stock and barrel. Instead, we recommend using the standard stable and supported versions of MediaWiki which can be downloaded from

If it weren't for MediaWiki, we would've never had MakeSureHow!

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