How to Make the Decision to Give Up a Job to Stay Home with the Children
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Being able to stay home and accompany your child throughout the day appeals to some moms.

Today’s working moms often feel like that they are fighting a losing battle to strike a balance between being a mother and being a worker. It may almost seem like making the decision to stay at home to take care of your kids is the easy way out. However, these days, making the decision to quit your job to spend more time with your children is actually the harder choice, as statistics show. Forty years ago, half of the moms in America stayed at home; today, at a time when women are expected to hold jobs, only 1/4 of moms decide to stay at home with the kids, according to the U.S. Census Bureau's 2009 report. But making the decision to give up your job for your kids really relies more on thoughtful planning than anything else.


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    Make a list of your possible options. Your goal is to spend more time with your kids and take care of them at home. Many people are accustomed to thinking in narrow terms, but giving up your current job doesn't mean you have to give up all of the extra income. You can compensate for your immediate loss of income in many ways, including taking advantage of unemployment benefits, home business opportunities and online freelance jobs. Make a list of all your possibilities before you decide to go with the most obvious route -- which, unfortunately is for many moms, is to simply decide that becoming a stay-at-home mom is impossible.
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    Plan out your best option. Choose the option that sounds most feasible, reliable or -- if you’re daring -- inspiring and write out a detailed plan associated with it. Ask yourself the important questions to know exactly how you can meet your goals: How can you get started? Whose help do you need? What might you have to give up? For example, if you plan to start an automobile-painting business out of your garage, consider the materials you'll need for painting, the way in which you'll reach your potential customers and the effects the business may have on your children. After all, your main goal is to stay at home and be a mom, so be clear on how you can combine a business opportunity with your responsibilities as a mom.
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    Commit to your decision. For many moms, the symbol of committing to a decision is telling people. Tell everyone you know about your new life path. In this way, you solidify your choice through the creation of expectations in other people. This method has a side benefit of garnering social and possibly financial assistance from those around you.
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    Take the first step. Talk is easy, but you’ve got to take the first step before you convince yourself that your life is changing. In your plan, you have outlined a clear method that allows you to stay at home with your loved ones while simultaneously fulfilling your personal goals; don't lose sight of this method. Whether the first step is quitting your job, printing business cards or selling your family's second car for some extra cash, do it as soon as possible. Like many things in life, deciding to become a stay-at-home mom may be the hardest part, but everything after that may fall into place naturally.

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