How to Make an Ornament Out of Kids' Ballet Shoes: 4 Steps
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Replace your child's old pair if she loves wearing her ballet shoes everywhere.

Whether your little one is the future principle dancer at the American Ballet Company or you had to promise ice cream and a new toy just to get her up on stage, turning her ballet slippers into an ornament is a great way to preserve the memory of your angel in a tiny tutu and pink leotard. Even if you're not a craft-making genius, your child's ballet slippers are lightweight so that you don't need to worry about any extreme gluing or sauteing.


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    Worn material is cute and sentimental, but you don't want a truly dirty pair of ballet shoes for your ornament. You can toss canvas ballet shoes in the laundry, but for leather slippers you'll need to gently massage the outside using a clean, damp rag and a few drops of gentle detergent, explains the Red Shoes Ballet Dance Theater. Dry them flat so they're not wrinkled and creased.
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    Your daughter always said her ballet shoes should be more sparkly. Paint the shoes with glitter or glue a few faux rhinestones around the edges, for some decorative flare. You could also sew a small silver charm at tip of each toe or cover up the less-than-appealing inside soles with several thick coats of glitter paint. Of course, you could also leave your daughter's ballet shoes in their natural state, without a single embellishment or enhancement.
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    Contrary to what your friend, the self-proclaimed "expert crafter" claims, there's no wrong way to arrange ballet slippers for your ornament. Staple the insides of the heels together so each shoe points in a different direction or press each shoe flat, and staple the heels turned out and slightly overlapping. If you're going for a more sentimental ornament, leave the bow strings at the toes undone. For a more polished look, tie the strings in a bow and secure the knot with a dot of superglue.
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    The standard ornament hook, or really metal of any kind, goes against the whole soft and delicate aspect. Instead, use several inches of pink satin ribbon and staple it where the heels meet or overlap. Position the ribbon above the shoes and staple it twice in the same spot so that when the shoes hang below the ribbon, you don't see the staples. Tie the ends of the ribbon together in a knot or glued bow above the ballet shoes for a secure hanging loop.

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