How to Make a Toddler Dress from a Woman's Shirt: 4 Steps
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Your old tee can become a cute dress for your toddler.

Got a shirt that you don't wear anymore? Re-purpose it into a cute dress for your toddler. All you need are basic sewing skills, a pair of sharp scissors and a little time to change a woman's blouse or T-shirt into a little girl's dress. There are several ways to make the transformation, depending on the type of shirt you use -- and how you want the finished product to look.


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    A T-shirt tunic is one of the simplest ways to transform a shirt into a dress. Lay a T-shirt on the floor and one of your toddler's simplest dresses on top. Line up the shoulders and neckline of the two garments. Using the little dress as a template, grab a piece of chalk to draw an outline of the dress onto the tee. Cut out the outline of the dress and turn it inside out. Sew the sides together, leaving an opening on each side for the arms. You can hem the armholes and the bottom of the dress, or your can leave them as-is since T-shirt material doesn't unravel.
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    This dress is made much like the T-shirt tunic, with a little extra flare. Lay the button-down shirt on the floor. Place a simple toddler dress on top of the shirt, making sure that the dress is centered on the shirt and the shoulders are lined up with the shoulders of the shirt. The collar of the shirt will be the collar of the dress. Draw the outline of the dress onto the shirt and cut out the new dress using the lines as a guide. Turn the new dress inside out. Hem the raw edges of the fabric and sew the sides together until you have a tube. Leave enough room at the top to finish off your sleeves. Hem the raw edges.
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    Peasant tops go in and out of style for adults, but they always look cute on toddler. Whip your old peasant top into a girly frock. Hem the top so that it is short enough to fit your toddler. Next, sew the end of a 6-inch long ribbon to the seam on each side of the waist. Tie the two strips of ribbon into a bow to cinch the waist of the dress. Finally, you need to make the neckline smaller for your tot. Do this by sewing a running stitch along the edge of the neckline. Then, pull the ends of the running stitch to gather the fabric. Using your sewing needle, knot the ends of the thread as usual to keep the gather in place. The arms will be extra puffy since you didn't alter them -- and extra cute on your tiny senorita.
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    The tank dress is probably the easiest dress to make from a woman's top. Place one of your toddler's dresses on top of your tank top as a template. Cut out the outline. Turn the fabric of the new dress inside out and sew the sides together, leaving holes for the arms. Finish the arms by sewing eyelet ruffles around the armholes. Sew another length of eyelet ruffle around the bottom of the dress to add a little extra charm -- and to avoid hemming.

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