How to Make a Morning Wake Up Routine for Toddlers: 6 Steps
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Cuddle with your sleepy toddler first thing in the morning.

Think back to the days before you had a toddler jumping on your stomach to wake you up each morning. It was a beautiful thing, but you're now faced with the dilemma of motivating your whiny, tired toddler to rise from bed and face the day. No matter whether the toddler stays home or is ushered off to daycare, establishing a wake-up routine can actually help you realize your long-held dream of a peaceful morning.


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    Start your toddler's morning routine at bedtime. The Mayo Clinic recommends toddlers get at least 12 to 14 hours of sleep every night. Put your child to bed at a reasonable hour, and chances are he'll be more agreeable in the morning. Lay out your toddler's clothing, with his assistance if he's old enough, and prepare yourself for the next morning, as well.
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    Wake up your toddler with a cheery “Good Morning” and a smile. Do yourself a favor and set your alarm a little early and drink a huge cup of coffee if you're not a morning person. Avoid waking your toddler up with a grimace, because this could affect her attitude for the rest of the day.
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    Allow your toddler to wake up according to his own needs. For instance, if your toddler needs a little quiet cuddle time in the morning, go ahead and wake him up with a hug, kiss and a little quiet parent time. On the other hand, if your toddler cannot possibly spend five seconds in bed after rising, let him go and start the day with enthusiasm.
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    Dress your preschooler before heading to the breakfast table, especially if you're leaving your home straight away for errands or daycare. The Wyoming Community Foundation recommends allowing an older toddler to dress herself in kid-friendly clothing, such as slip-on shoes and pants featuring an elastic waist. This process could take a while, so allow for extra time every morning.
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    Provide your toddler with a nutritionally balanced, simple breakfast. If you have extra time, go ahead and whip up scrambled eggs, pancakes and your toddler's other favorite breakfast foods. If you're rushed, sliced bananas and a bowl of dry cereal or oatmeal are a great alternative. Once again, allow your toddler plenty of time to eat his fill, especially if the next snack is a long way off.
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    Tell your toddler exactly where she's going if you're leaving the house. No matter whether you're running to the post office or dropping her off at daycare, give your toddler a heads up on the day's activities. If she's anxious about leaving home, make the trip to daycare fun by taking along a toy and singing songs on the drive.

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