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Being in charge of a family's schedule makes a mom calendar a life saver.

It's no secret that being the mom of a toddler or preschooler means juggling play dates, doctor appointments, daycare or preschool time and family events. That's in addition to your own work days, appointments and other agenda items that require you to record and remember them. Having small children can leave your days a whirlwind and fog your brain to the point that you could forget something important, like pajama day at preschool. A mom calendar saves the day by letting you put down the week's or month's upcoming events so you appear on time with cupcakes for the mom's group bake sale.


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    Print a ready-made calendar with computer software or use a planning program to create your own customized calendar. You can do this by the week or the month, depending on how much space you need to write for each day.
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    Write in the number for each day with a pen or marker. Leaving your template blank allows you to simply print a new one for the next week or month, without having to change the dates first.
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    Assign each member of the family a different color of pen or marker. This allows you to determine who has what event on any given day with just a glance.
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    Record upcoming events for the week or month using the color-coded pens or markers. Write down your daughter's play date in pink, your haircut appointment in purple, your son's karate lesson in blue and your husband's business dinner in red. This keeps the schedule straight for you, but also allows other family members to see what they have to do on any given day.
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    Apply stickers to your calendar for special events. This includes birthdays, anniversaries, recitals and plays. This way, you'll know that something important is looming, allowing you to prepare in case someone needs a specific outfit, you need to donate snacks or prep a costume before the big event.
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    Decorate your calendar. If it's fun to look at, chances are higher that you'll want to drag it out, fill it in and check it for the next day's agenda. Use computer images, photographs downloaded from your desktop or stickers to make the calendar your own. Or, let your toddler or preschooler have at it for a customized calendar you won't see anywhere else.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pens or markers in various colors
  • Stickers

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