How to Make a Little Girl's Boutique Dress Using a Tank Top
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A tank top boutique dress is easy to make.

You may have seen flouncy tutu tank top dresses in boutiques. Don't buy one for your little one, because you can make one at home for just a few bucks. All it takes is a few yards of tulle, a child-sized tank top and basic sewing skills to create a dress almost as sweet as your little girl. This dress can be made in any size and in any color -- so you can make one for every little girl in your life.


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    The first step is to gather your supplies. You'll need one yard of tulle, a tank top to fit your tot, thread that matches the tulle, the tank top and a pair of scissors. For the best look, buy tulle that has an ombre effect (it gets lighter in color) or tulle that is made up of two different colors. Make sure that your tank either matches the tulle or is of a color that coordinates with the color of the tulle.
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    Once you have your supplies assembled, measure and cut your tulle. First, measure your tot's waistline. Then, double that number to find out how long your tulle needs to be. Measure your tulle and cut it with the sewing shears. Now, measure the length from your child's belly button to her knees, add two inches and multiply this number by two. This will be how wide you'll need your tulle to be. Measure your tulle and cut it to the same size as your width measurement.
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    Now that the tulle is the right length and width, you can make it into the tutu skirt for your dress. Fold the tulle in half, horizontally, so that you have one long, thin strip of tulle. The side of the tulle that has the fold will be the waist band of the skirt. Sew a running stitch one inch away from the edge of the fold, along the length of the tulle. Next, pull the ends of the thread to gather the tulle. Keep pulling until the tulle is the same length as your tot's waist measurement. Knot the ends of the thread as you normally would to finish a seam.
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    You're almost done! All you need to do now is sew the gathered edge of the tulle to the bottom hem of the tank top. You will want the tulle skirt to be on top and the tank hem to be on bottom as you sew. For a finished look, sew your seam on top of the running stitch you used to gather the tulle and then use a ribbon as a sash to cover the seam. Since tulle doesn't unravel, there is no need to hem the bottom of the skirt.

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