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No need to buy a mask when you can make your own.

The best part of Halloween with a preschooler (besides candy, of course) is the costumes! While many parents buy their kids expensively tailored costumes, many more take the do-it-yourself route. When your children are 4-years-old, they don't care if you make it or buy it -- and neither does anyone else. In fact, you might get extra mommy points for your creativity and heart. You don't need to be Susie homemaker to make costumes. With a discerning eye, most parents can come up with costumes that don't even need to be sewed together. Try a hippity-hoppity frog suit for your little one that takes only a few easy steps, and no needle and thread.


  1. 1
    Cover a headband in green fabric. Use a glue gun to secure the material to the outside of the band. It only takes a minute to dry, and when it does, shoot some glue onto two white polystyrene foam balls. Attach them to the top of the headband about two inches apart. Draw frog eyes on the tops with black marker.
  2. 2
    Outfit your child in a green hoodie and green pants. Draw the hood up over her head, and place the headband on top of the green hood. When your child lowers her head just slightly, the frog eyes act as a mask.
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    Cut out webbed frog feet from the green construction paper. Draw the toes and webbing with a black or brown marker. You can temporarily attach the paper feet to your child's shoes by poking the laces up through the base of the foot and tying the bow on top of the paper, so that the laces secure the feet in place while tying the shoe at the same time.
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    Don't forget to accessorize. Allow your child to choose his or her favorite jewelry pieces, felt patches, fabrics and more, then attach them all to the costume as flair pieces. Beads can be worn traditionally as necklaces, or they can be glued to the back of the hoodie as frog-spots. Sew or glue fabric patches and designs onto the front and back of your child's outfit. Consider securing a reflective patch on there, too, if your child is going to be out at night.


  • You don't have to stick with just the green pants and hoodie. If your child has a dress, skirt or tutu she'd like to wear, that would work just as well for Miss Froggie!

Things You'll Need

  • Headband
  • Green fabric
  • Glue gun
  • Glue
  • Sticks
  • White polystyrene foam balls
  • Markers
  • Green hoodie
  • Green pants
  • Green construction paper

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