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Make cute costumes using a sweat suit as your base.

Anyone can go out and buy a costume, whether for Halloween, a party or a school play. But, making your child's costume lets you explore your creative side while making special memories with your child. Your child will love helping you brainstorm ideas and construct her costume. And when she finally dons your creation, she will see her hard work and creativity come to life. One of the best parts, from a mom's perspective — with these sweat-suit based costumes, your child still has clothing to wear. And who doesn't love an eco-friendly costume that saves money and makes memories?


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    Purchase a sweat suit with a matching color top and bottom according to your costume theme. If you can’t find the exact color, dye a white or cream-colored suit to the color needed for your costume. Fabric dyes are easily available in craft stores or supermarkets.
  2. 2
    Use fabric, felt and yarn to make enhancement pieces to add to your suit, such as gray felt ears and yarn whiskers to make a mouse costume. Or stick on white adhesive tape to a black suit to make a skeleton. Blow up a bunch of purple balloons and tape the ends to a purple sweat suit to make a bunch of grapes. The ideas are endless.
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    Have a dress rehearsal to make sure your child can move easily. Decide which shoes will go with the costume. Do you need to make a mask or will makeup work? What about a hat?
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    Children should wear light clothing underneath the costume if the weather is very cold. If not, the sweat suit should be comfortable alone.
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    Use kid-friendly face makeup to complete the character. Homemade face makeup can be made using kitchen ingredients or kits can be bought in party or toy stores. Make sure the makeup is nontoxic and apply it carefully to your child’s face. Most makeup removes easily with cold cream or baby oil.


  • Making a creative costume with homemade items will keep your child from looking like every other kid on the block or party.Working on a very young child’s costume together can take away the scariness of wearing it later or seeing others in costumes.Blanket sleepers work well with toddlers.If you are walking at night, think about placing a few strips of fluorescent tape on the costume to make the child visible in the dark.

Things You'll Need

  • Sweat suit (pants and shirt)
  • Clothing dye
  • Fabric, felt and yarn
  • Safety pins
  • White adhesive tape
  • Balloons

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