How to Make Gift Tags from Santa for Your Child: 7 Steps
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Keep your crafty secret between you and Santa.

Christmas is just around the corner and Santa's planning on bringing your youngster something terrific this year. To top off the gift, you could pick up a package of gift tags from the store, but that's kind of boring, right? If Santa himself is bringing your kiddo a present, he would be a little bit more creative than that! So, why not surprise your child with a creative gift tag that's just as terrific as the gift — OK, maybe not quite.


  1. 1
    Print a small picture of Santa from the computer onto a piece of plain, white paper. The picture should be no bigger than 2 inches in size. You can hand draw the picture if you're artistically gifted.
  2. 2
    Cut out a circle with a 4-inch diameter from the paper. Santa should be about center in the circle.
  3. 3
    Cut a circle from a piece of red construction paper. Make the circle about 6 inches in diameter. Glue the white circle on the center of the red one.
  4. 4
    Cut out the middle circle of a medium-size paper doily. Make the circle about 5 1/2 inches so the red circle gift tag can fit within. Put the middle circle of the doily aside to use in a different craft project later.
  5. 5
    Place the rest of the doily on a newspaper-covered surface and spray it with a snow or glitter spray. Let the spray dry completely. Glue the doily on top of the red gift tag. You're just about done.
  6. 6
    Write the "to" and "from" info above and below the Santa image in the center of the gift tag.
  7. 7
    Use a hole punch to make a hole near the top of the gift tag and thread a piece of red or green ribbon through the hole. Tie the ribbon in a bow and tape one edge to your kiddo's gift. That's it — a custom gift tag from a special Santa.

Things You'll Need

  • White paper
  • Red construction paper
  • Medium-size paper doily
  • Spray snow or spray glitter
  • Hole punch
  • Red or green ribbon

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