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Don't let that cute shirt end up on your neighbor's daughter.

Rest assured that at least five kids in your child's day care class have the same teal raincoat, and most toddlers can't distinguish between their clothing and clothing that looks like theirs. But don't worry; a little crafty labeling is all you need to keep your kids' clothing on your kids.


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    Write your child's full name in permanent marker on a strip of masking tape and place the named strip of masking tape on the hem of your child's shirt or pants. Don't pull the fabric taut, as this will cause a ripple effect in the tape, which young children can find irritating. In addition to being inexpensive and fast, masking tape prevents the permanent ink from bleeding through your kids' clothes. The downside, however, is that masking tape loosens over time in the laundry.
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    Write your kiddo's name inside the back collar, or back tag, using a laundry pen. Spread the material taut and write in large, capital letters so your child's name is easy to read. For dark fabric, use a silver laundry pen, and for lighter-colored fabric, use a black or blue laundry pen. This is a great solution for a sensitive tyke who feels clothing labels and tags like needles against her skin.
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    Stitch a stylish sew-in label into the back collar or bottom hem of your child's clothing. If handwriting inside your tot's clothes makes you cringe, sew-in labels are for you. This solution is one of the more aesthetically pleasing ways to keep track of your kid's clothes, but it also requires purchasing a pack of custom-made labels and sewing them into your child's clothing. Sew-in labels last forever, but this may not be an advantage if you want to pass on an item to a younger sibling.
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    Iron-on labels are similar to sew-in labels. You'll still need to order a package of custom-made labels, but you can secure them inside your child's clothes by placing the label over the clothing and pressing the two together for a few seconds with a hot iron. While iron-on labels are faster than the sew-in variety, they can peel off if not properly applied.


  • Do a periodic check of your kids' clothing labels when doing laundry. Replace any faded tags with new labels.Show your child the location of the label and how to check for it before putting on a coat or backpack at day care.


  • Use the name your child is enrolled under, not a nickname, as this will make it easier to find him through the class directory. Spelling out your child's full name is important because day care facilities sometimes have dozens of students. The initials "C.S." mean nothing once the school or facility has more than ten kids, several of whom will probably share those initials.

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