How to Know if Toddlers Can See Through Glasses: 4 Steps
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It is possible to know if your toddler can see through her glasses.

When your child gets a new pair of eyeglasses, you need to be sure that she can see clearly through them. The optometrist can easily determine the clarity of vision in older children, but it is more difficult to determine in toddlers who do not yet know the letters of the alphabet or numbers and who cannot let you know what is displayed on the eye chart. But don't despair: with a more creative approach, you will be able to know whether your little one can see properly through her glasses.


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    Cut out pictures of her favorite story book characters and paste them on cardboard. Don't destroy her favorite books -- make sure you have duplicates or buy some inexpensive coloring books, or you'll have more to worry about than her vision. Stand across the room from your little one and hold up the cards. Ask her to identify the names of the characters. You can also try this using head and shoulder photographs of family members.
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    Draw directional arrows on index cards with a thick black marking pen. Play a game with your child where she points her finger in the direction of the arrow. Have some fun playing this game and use it as an opportunity to teach her that it's sometimes rude to point at people.
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    Draw some basic, geometric shapes on index cards, such as circles, squares and triangles. Ask your child to name the shapes. If she's not yet old enough to know how to do this, make a duplicate set of cards to give her and have her select the one in her pile that matches the one you select to hold up from your set of cards. If you have a little genius, use more complex shapes such as rectangles and octagons.
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    Watch your child's behavior closely to see if there's improvement in the symptoms that made you suspect she needed glasses in the first place. For example, has she stopped squinting when she watches TV?


  • Sit next your child and have her identify the characters or directional arrows to determine if she knows how to do this from up close before you start to check her vision.


  • Show the cards you make to your optometrist and describe the various test you are doing, to verify that your activities make sense.

Things You'll Need

  • White cardboard, about 8 x 11 inches
  • PasteIndex cards
  • Black felt-tipped marker
  • Pictures depicting storybook characters
  • Family photographs

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