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Does your toddler seem like a little genuis?

It can be exciting when your toddler begins to grow and develop. When you see your little one doing things that seem advanced for her age, it can be easy to think that you have a genius on your hands. While most children are right on track in their development, some children do actually have a higher IQ and may exceed their toddler milestones way ahead of their peers. How can you find out your toddler's IQ when she is so little? It might be easier than you think.


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    Get a developmental checklist for toddlers from your pediatrician or from a local child psychologist. This will list all of the areas in which a child will develop in the toddler years, including physical, intellectual and cognitive development.
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    Check off the boxes on the checklist to see how far along your toddler seems compared to the norm. If possible, write down the dates for when your toddler achieved some of the milestones. For example, if your toddler spoke her first word at six months, write that down next to the check box.
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    Take the checklist back to your pediatrician at your child's next appointment or to a child psychologist. If your toddler seems to have met all of her milestones way ahead of schedule, it could indicate that she has a high IQ.
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    Ask a child psychologist for an appointment to have your toddler take an early intelligence test, such as a Stanford Binet Form L-M or the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence, Revised, or WPPSI-R. These IQ tests are specifically designed for younger children and can give you a specific IQ score, even for toddlers.


  • Remember that all children are different and your child may, for example, be gifted in one area, such as verbally, but not in another, such as musically. Few children will be equally advanced in all areas.


  • Don't push your child to take an IQ test if she seems resistant or overwhelmed. If you do find that your child is gifted, keep in mind that intellectual ability doesn't necessarily translate to emotional maturity; your child is still a child even if she is gifted.

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