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Headbands look adorable on toddlers when they stay in place.

Toddler's look so squeezably cute in headbands, especially if they are just getting enough hair to do something with. But, that fine, baby hair is too slick for most headbands. If your toddler isn't yanking them off, they'll pop off all by themselves. You'll need a few tricks up your sleeve to keep your toddler's headband in place so she can keep on accessorizing.


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    Comb your child's hair back and put it in pigtails. This creates a barrier for the headband so it has nowhere to go. It works best on thicker, longer hair, but you can do cute, short pigtails on most hair. Use a damp comb to part the hair straight down the middle. Pull each side up into a pigtail and smooth the hair with a comb. Use non-slip elastics on the hair to keep it in place. Once the pigtails are in, you can stretch the headband over the hand and position it as you please.
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    Pin the headband in place using a no-slip clip designed for toddlers and babies. These are usually bigger for safety reasons, and they come in cute colors and prints. Clip them on either side of the headband or use several to create a pattern on the headband. Because they are highly visible, you'll want to coordinate your clips with the headbands.
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    Glop a little hair gel onto your toddler's head before you put the headband in place. The gel will create a little more texture in your toddler's baby-fine hair. This works really well with a no-slip headband.


  • For safety reasons, avoid using bobby pins or small clips in your toddler's hair.

Things You'll Need

  • No-slip hair elastics
  • Comb
  • No-slip clips
  • Gel

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