How to Install and Configure Samba File Server on Ubuntu
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Samba is a free software that mostly used to enable print services such as Unix system and files. For some unix system includes variants such as linux, solaris, aix and bsd. In this article guides you how to Install and Configure Samba File Server on Ubuntu and I also gave clear steps that can be easily understood without having to make an anonymous user and a secure password. But what makes interested in using Ubuntu? I will also explain the slight advantage of this software.

Many do not like the installation of Ubuntu because pure reason must be typed manually such as typing at the DOS prompt. Though the installation process is very easy, just find the tutorial and use the script via WinSCP. Indeed ubuntu installation process is rather long because the modules / packages to be installed directly on-line. From several sources, many of which combine Ubuntu with router board mikrotik (RB750).

I prefer Ubuntu without mikrotik lte router board purchase costs can make the cost of upgrading the server or service technicians. Ubuntu is one of the many open source operating system. Now, of the many operating systems now available, Ubuntu became my favorite, why? Because based on my experience in using a variety of Linux distributions, Ubuntu is the most minimal bugs her. Because as long as I use Ubuntu rarely met such problems when using the operating system side.

At this time I will share a tutorial how to setup file server on Ubuntu 14.04, cause I get the same task. Okay, just to the discussion, before you should have any linux distro, this time I use the distro ubuntu 14.04, you can search for download the iso or borrowed a just to your friends if lazy to download. Make sure you are connected to the Internet, let me not bother if installing certain packages.

How to Install Samba File Server on Ubuntu

  1. Go to the terminal as a super user (su or sudo -i).
  2. Then configure the server network, type in the terminal
    vim / etc / network / interfaces or nano / etc / network / interfaces 
  3. Then look for the words "auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static" if not then you write yourself, more details see the following steps.
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
(space) address (your ip)
(space) netmask
(space) network
(space) broadcast
(space) gateway

After that press the "ESC" and press ":wq" to save and exit.

4. Next restart your network with the command

/etc/init.d/networking restart

5. After setting the network updates and upgrade your package in advance UPDATE:

apt-get update


apt-get upgrade

6. Install the samba package and other ssh, type a command like this:

apt-get install openssh-server samba smbclient clifs-utils ntp ntpdate

If the installation of the above packages can not run, then you just install samba file server only.

apt-get install samba

7. Well after all the above package has been installed, now we will do the Ubuntu setup samba share file, before we create the file directory for the file of our server on samba.

Type the CD
Then mkdir / files
The next mkdir / files / share
Finally chmod 777 / files / share

8. Next enter the setting up samba server Ubuntu configuration, using the command:

vi /etc/samba/smb.conf atau nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

9. Then look "Workgroup" well, this workgroup can you replace with your workgroup name, and then look for "# wins support = no" and unmark hashtag (#) and replace "no" to "yes"

10. Next we headed to the bottom of the configuration, to initialize your file server. Follow the below step:

[File Name]
(Space) comment = (Name folder that will be shared)
(Space) path = / files / share (* shared file directories)
(Space) browseable = yes
(Space) read only = no
(Space) valid users = (user name to log in to the file server samba)

11. Now after you finished the configuration above, now we will create a user to be able to use the files / folders in samba server that we created earlier, make sure the user name that we will make the same as in the configuration above is valid users. If you do not want to add a user to authenticate the command valid users do not need to be added.

12. Okay now we create a new user to log into our samba file, type a command like this:

useradd sisop (adjust with the name of your valid users)
passwd sisop (to give a password for the account sisop)

13. After creating a user or a new account, thenwe enter the user / account we have created forour samba server can use, how to type in a command like this:

smbpasswd -a sisop (adjust with the name of your valid users)

Enter the password for the user

14. So now you have a file server, easy not it? to check, borrow your friend's laptop, or if you have many computers, may be used. Make sure the computer is used as file server and tested it for a computer connected to the same network. then press "Windows + R" on a computer to test and type "(IP Server)", the IP server can be seen if you use a wireless network, there is the more exact WLAN, type the command on the terminal server computer "Ifconfig" well there are info on IP Server that is connected to the wireless network.


Don't forget after the installation is complete, first backup of samba server Ubuntu default configuration (if the hell wrote that later if there is an error to restore more easily. This step can directly be skipped. But don't forget when using Ubuntu Server within a certain time you have to update the application and system. If reach here you still don't understand about How to Setup Samba File Server on Ubuntu 14.04 can be directly ask in the comments to our immediate responsibility and love the best solution.

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