How to Install WordPress on Nginx Ubuntu with Easyengine
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For all you people who are looking to install WordPress on Nginx Ubuntu, you don’t have to look any further. Today I bring you this article that includes pictorial references and will get the job done under 5 minutes or less. This article will explain how to use EasyEngine to install WordPress on Nginx Ubuntu. EasyEngine is a very easy to use and nice tool that installs Nginx and the whole stack on any Ubuntu based VPS quickly. I will explain in a bit what Easy Engine really is.

Now you must be wondering what exactly is EasyEngine. Let me explain to you what it really is. EasyEngine is basically a very nice and simple little (Linux shell script) that is used to build a working web server. This web server then hosts your websites on a Ubuntu or Dedi server. This script will install LEMP /LNMP complete stacks which include Linux, MYSQL, PHP and Nginx along with all the other necessary software like Postfix and PHPMyAdmin. This will help your VPS so that it can behave more like an active webhosting server.


The first step is to install EasyEngine (ee).


You now need to edit the default configuration of ee in your favorite text editor. I will be using Nano text editor.

</> nano/etc/easyengine/ee.conf Step-3:

You need to look for the following lines in the configuration:



You will now edit those parts of the lines that you think need to change. I will give you a hint of which line should be altered as these lines are the most important one, the wpadminuser, wpadminpass and wpadminemail.


Once you are done doing this, just save the changes and exit.


You now need to issue one of these commands to start the installation of WordPress:

Basic WordPress Install (no caching involved)


Installing WordPress with W3 Total Cache Plugin


Installing WordPress with W3 Super Cache Plugin


You will need to replace “” with the name of your own domain. If you want to check the complete list of commands, click here.

For those of you who are wondering what good would it do to use different command when you need to install W3TC and W3PSC plugins as well? Well this is a very good question. The answer is because both the plugins that we are talking about need to add some specific rewrite rules or entries in the .htaccess file. This .htaaccess file supports by Apache and not Nginx so you will have to specify the custom rules for either W3TC or W3PSC’s .htaccess configuration. You will need to convert from htaccess to Nginx compatible conf first. You can do that manually as well. The one more additional benefit of using EasyEngine is that you don’t have to manually convert configuration files as ee will automatically do all the hard work for you.

I will install for you a basic WP site by doing so:


Here is the picture of the screen you should see:


You can now test your newly built WordPress website by opening it in the browser of your choice.


You must not forget to login to the WordPress Dashboard page by using the You will have given a username and password in Step-3. Use it and sign in.

Here is another example for you:


That is it. You’re all set.

You can also use Pretty Permalink as it is enable by default and you can change it to something else too. You won’t need to edit the Nginx conf file or Apache’s .htaccess file for this.

I believe that if you did everything as you were instructed to do so then you should have accomplished this task in under 5 minutes.

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