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Do you know what it is VNC? VNC is an acronym for Virtual Network Computing and VNC is also used to bring up X windows session on the remote computer. In this tutorial, I'll explain how to install VNC server on CentOS 6. And here you can also learn to start, no matter new guys already know some of the VNC servers. In this case, we need to see the desktop enable VNC server on CentOS 6.

Installation VNC server

After we start, don't forget to install the desktop environment it first

Step One: This below the command that appear for install desktop environment GNOME:


Step Two: After you install GNOME, follow this instruction to install VNC server packages and dependencies


Step Three: Then we create a username and also password


Step Four: Don't forget also created a password VNC for user


Step Five: After finish, open /ect/sysconfig/vncserver file then add line as follows the end part of file and change the username


Step Six: Now we start VNC service and give the following command to start service automatically at startup


Step Seven: On the remote machine, we will start on kind of VNCViewer IP and session. Here is how to see this session


Now we do troubleshooting

Plese check your IPtables on your server if you fail to contact session


In this case, will appear IPtables command to stop service and leaving you to try again

If you find any error as shown below start time VNC service


So this command to install pixman. The form of pixman-devel and libXfont or this command will update everything

Restart VNC service again.

Okay, finished! Let's the next the second way of this tutorial

Still the same way of the first method, but it's easier

Step One: Login to your VPS

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