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In previous articles, we have a few times discussed the of Ubuntu server, but only some pieces only. Ubuntu has a lot of the old version of the most recent to the most, though. All have also been mostly used, are also a variety of reasons to use it. In connection with the release of Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal), in this post, I'll post a few simple steps in installing Ubuntu 11.04.

Well, on this occasion I will continue the discussion about Ubuntu 11.04 Installation Step by step Screenshots for newbies. Before starting we have to make sure whatever we need to work, this is also like making dishes and find out all the necessary ingredients for it. But, here we need the tools, connections, and other equipment. What do we need? This is an easy step that I took to facilitate you in following the install guide, so don't worry.

Here's what we need: CD / DVD or USB that will be needed to keep of Ubuntu into drive Step One: Start setup. Select a language and press Enter. Step Two: Select "Install Ubuntu" and then press Enter. Step Three: It will take longer to analyze or load something. Step Four: Select another language (English) and press Continue.

Step Five: In this section will analyze Disk space, resources and internet connectivity also we have to choose whether to install updates and other third-party software when installing OS (this option may slow down the installation). Or choose both if you are connected to the internet and press Forward. Step Six: Now select the first option to use the entire disk for Ubuntu and press Forward (if you choose something else that choice can create a partition on your own). Step Seven: This will show the size of the partition used to of Ubuntu. Then press the Install Now. Step Eight: Setup will begin installing in the background, you can see the status shown at the bottom. Step Nine: Select a time zone and press Forward (In this case, the setup time which means it will continue in the background backs).

Step Trends: Now select the keyboard layout, leave it like that and press Continue. Step Eleven: Then type in the name, computer name, username (login) and password. Select "Automatic Login", if you do not want to type your password every time you log. Step Twelve: It will continue with the rest of the installation. Step Thirteen: You can also skip a few installation / configuration during setup. Step Fourteen: Press Restart now and remove the installation media (CD / DVD / USB) upon reboot. Step Fifteen: Select the username and type the password and press Login. Step Sixteen: Done at this stage you might see the screen of Ubuntu. Step Seventeen: But in some low hardware configuration will not support of Ubuntu unity mode, they will see the classic windows of Ubuntu.

Next we need to do Installing Windows 7 and here a step by step method that I have prepared.

First we have to set up the computer and BIOS. Then we also need to put the Windows 7 DVD in the DVD / CD drive. Then Restart. In most cases, this will automatically boot to the Windows 7 installation. But in some ways, the device to boot must be changed.

BIOS can boot and run the operating system. In this case, you will need to change the BIOS. And change the BIOS settings to boot from CD / DVD not boot from the hard drive.

Installing Windows 7 is almost like a kind of Vista installation. But you should first read the description at any time before clicking NEXT button to avoid clutter. There are options to choose in these steps you will probably find each image.

First you will see a box called windows 7 press NEXT, then click Install now. Now you will see a box called "Please read the license terms" I accept the license terms and press the NEXT button. Next you will see "type of installation do you want" then go to the second option, namely "CUSTOM (continued)". Now you will see "where you want to install windows".

Now you will see a box called "windows installation" that will be installed, the Setup file copy windows, expand the Windows files, install features, install the update and complete the installation.

After the installation is completed next "Restart" for twice and will see a box that means that you have to type a username and continue to press the NEXT button. Well, now you will see a box set a password for your account. Provide a password and press the NEXT button. This looks fuller, but only the usual installation you've ever done before.

Now you will see a "help protect your computer and fix automatic windows" select "use the recommended settings". Organize your time zone and press the NEXT button. After that, you have to choose the location of your current computer and select one.

Finished! Now you will see windows 7 desktop and enjoy it.

This method is not complicated though it looks a lot you have to do. In this case, as in the early part of the installation of windows once you have your bootable media we now need to boot from the installation media. Unfortunately, there is no standard method to change the boot sequence from one computer to another manufacturer. Basically, what you want to do is turn on your computer and boot instead of booting from the hard drive of a USB device or CD.

So far, we hope you have a step by step installation of Ubuntu, but that does not mean there are no problems experienced during the installation. If it happens then stay connected to our website and we will soon provide a solution to overcome the problems in the installation or related matters that remain unclear. It is also in the installation of windows, we hope you do not combine the two how in an installation so that no further errors in the process. And for the installation of Ubuntu to Linux and the windows are of course different. For that, you have to make sure the type of OS you use before installation.

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