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What makes you interested in Samba? Likewise with me, and then on the times, I want to share about how to install samba on ubuntu 12.04. For beginners, this tutorial is quite suitable for you who just know samba server or another device Ubuntu. But, what do you know about samba or about the benefits if we use this server? For that, I'll explain in a bit of a special package.

Samba is software that connects between Linux and Windows with many advantages that result, one of which to share files, as remote ssh and applications with graphic bases that has a lot of amazing changes. So you're not one already installed the samba server on the device you guys because I'm also going to explain start from the most basic to the beginner. So, let's get started.

Follow the steps below and do not sideways to the same outcome:

Step One: we must update repository, and this is easy


Step Two: after work, next we must directly enter the installation command of Samba


Step Three: next, we will install GUI tools. You know? It is admin and as dependence


Okay, installation clear.

Step Four: now we just need to configuration samba on ubuntu 12.04 like this makes a shell with restricted access and creating user only.


Here myadmin is the username

Step Five: makes the samba password of username myadmin last


Step Six: next prepare for created a sharing folder and you also create user home directory as well.


Step Seven: we can modify the ownership status of shared folder. But this is not required if a folder is created in the home directory.


Step Eight: continue, we turn to GUI admin tools and we will find a column. Next, click add new share and enter new share directory like below images.


Step Nine: here we will find access tab for entering the username and for the share then click OK.


Step Eleven: now we can access the shared folders from windows with IP address and looking for different


Finally! we have complete and ready to use Samba server.

So this is you learn the notion of another installation and is in question with the file server. Like the footage above, we know the samba server is a bridge to share data between Windows and Linux machines. By installing samba server, then we had to have a simplicity in one hand only.

Like this, samba is able to serve the exchange of data as well as serve file sharing together. Well, this is an extraordinary ease if we use it. But in fact, the development of basic samba server is located on the SMB protocol or extension of Microsoft's server block messages based standards.

Don't move out, you need to know if it's a function of the last server its block messages serve the sharing data from devices such as hard disk, plotters, printers, and CD-ROM together. So basically, samba server we use is as a bridge complex for LINUX platform. The base is used to create a client-server network with the SMB protocol from earlier.

I want to describe a little bit of a somewhat different configuration than before, and this was enough to have benefits in at once. I think maybe we can try it in the category of the medium if we know a little more about samba server configuration and installation of these.

Here is a configuration that includes everything:

Step one for edit the value or key in this section /etc/samba/smb.conf


Step two for signs and comments is a new section at the bottom of files and directories to be related to our share


Step three now the configuration is finished, but we have to make changes to permissions. Enter this section of the terminal:

sudo mkdir -p /srv/samba/share sudo chown nobody:nogroup /srv/samba/share/

Step four Finally! a configuration has been completed and it is time to restart the samba service into use: sudo restart smbd sudo restart nmbd

So far we have seen a difference from samba configuration, we can now conclude. The configuration of the different, there is the first part I just explain of the easiest and most certain. Whereas, in the second configuration that covers all the needs for other than beginners. So, now we can benefit from how to install samba on ubuntu 12.04 and now begin to do things like share data or maybe others.

It is enough to help you in the installation with a few steps and instructions that are explained above. The rows are filled with answers to beginners when they want to try using samba and all interconnected devices. This is a small step to a big step in making changes and improvements.

Well, now we have to know about samba and how to install on ubuntu server compiled easily form a complete picture, I hope this can be the answer to your question. But I also do not mind if you want to ask about this wonderful tutorial of some things that have not been sufficiently understood. If now you find some parts were deemed not quite complete, let us know. It is a step improvement to remain the best in presenting a decent tutorial.

But first, I'll tell you why I only use the version of ubuntu 12:04 and not LTS. Well, here is the real difference is the LTS version or an extension of the Long Term Service is already supported much longer than non-LTS is only 9 months. For the support given in the form of an update package that we can for personal devices. But sometimes the most beginners do not know where the difference Ubuntu LTS with non-LTS. Is not difficult, it's just that if we frequently check for updates ubuntu will be very clearly visible. If the LTS version will be updated every 2 years, while the non-LTS much faster is 6 months.

By knowing the type and version of ubuntu, we will be more easy when installing an opensource on a private server. It will also explain why it should be different for each opensource version requires a different capacity, and completeness.

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