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Chinese philosopher Confucius taught children to honor their parents throughout life.

Your parents gave you life and cared for you as a baby, and Chinese culture encourages you to recognize this sacrifice. The payback is that your own children will celebrate you as a parent -- a kind of pay-it-forward family benefit. Teaching toddlers the legacy of honoring parents and grandparents, however, is easier said than done. As with most manners, they stick better when modeled by the adults that toddlers and preschoolers see every day. That means you're on the hook to treat your parents the way you want to be treated by your kids.


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    Show some excent when your parents visit you and your toddler or when you go to see them at their house. Visit often or invite them to your place on a regular schedule. Your inside may scream, "No!" but your face and emotions should scream, "Yes!" to your young child when you visit. Prep your child by setting the mood and saying, "Your grandparents are coming! Let's get things ready so we'll all have a wonderful visit!"
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    Invite your parents to visit your home on holidays and family celebrations or go to their home on these special occasions. Actions speak louder to preschoolers than the longest lecture, so focus on family at these important events. Recognize your parents at these events, even when they aren't the featured guest of honor. Prompt your youngster to ask grandparents to tell a story about the holiday or the family member having a birthday. Whisper, "Go ask Grandpa to tell the story of what his family did for his birthdays!"
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    Treat your parents like royalty when they visit. Roll out the red carpet for your folks and ask your toddler to help in putting on the rich treatment. This means Grandma and Grandpa sit at the head of the table during meals and the cushy chairs in the living room when visiting. Tell your preschooler, "Your grandparents are coming, so let's make everything comfortable for them."
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    Send notes and cards to your parents and have your toddler draw pictures to include in the envelope. Tell your child, "Let's print our names or initials on the note to Grandfather."
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    Talk about your parents in a respectful way and expect your preschoolers to talk to you the same way. Never curse your parents in front of your children, or you'll undoubtedly hear your name used in the same unflattering way when your children are angry.
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    Read books to your toddler to explain how Chinese culture honors parents and grandparents. Pick books with drawings and photos to show the types of honors your child can do for their grandparents -- and eventually for you. It's all about modeling, so play up the ceremony and you'll enjoy your senior years that much more.

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