How to Hide Whatsapp Message Preview on iPhone: 5 Steps
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Two Methods:Hide Your Whatsapp Messag PreviewAbout WhatsApp

It has always been a private affair to keep either your messages or your call history safe to avoid any misuse by anyone else. SMS, Call History, Photos or that may be a video are the secrets or private items that everyone needs to keep under privacy. After various social networking sites or Internet Messaging have been come up; the company provides a password protection so that no one gets into your account and does something that will push you into trouble. Sites like Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter may be taken as an example. Now, when it comes to Whatsapp- An instant messaging application; it’s a bit complicated because in whatsapp what you do is create an account then you access your account through your smartphone. Here you login once and the account is always open. You have to launch the app on your phone and keep messaging. But they are your secrets. So anyone who uses your phone can even get access of your Whatsapp. What people do is; they download third-party apps on their phone and keep it locked but still when a message from your secret partner arrives, you receive a notification right over in your notification panel on your phone showing the contact and the message content. So if your iphone is locked and it’s with a different user he/she can see that a message has arrived and even can see the message body.Although the third-party apps are protecting your phone with a password lock still it is better that you become more concerned about your privacy by hiding your Whatsapp message preview or the Whatsapp notification. It’s damn smooth and also it’s free. Go for these simple steps.

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    the first thing you have to do is tap on the Whatsapp icon on your iphone to launch that you can go further and forbid your message preview
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    Go to for the Settings area where you can make changes. Now, I hope you have found your settings option on your iphone. Now, cilick on it to ‘open’.
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    Once you have opened your setting go to Notification a tap on it to open the option available under notification part.
  4. 4
    under the Notification menu scrolling down you will be seeing an option Show Preview. Hope you got it. Now, what you finally need to do is toggle it to OFF. In a Nutshell: 
  5. 5
    Open WhatsApp -> Click on the Settings -> click on Notification -> scroll to the bottom -> toggle show preview option OFF.

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Application development especially related to the phone has turned into a big business. Many of the mobile phone company have expanded their business by providing maximum features to their customers. Platforms like Android, windows and especially have active positions in the present market. Application makers/developers work at the same rate to fulfil the needs. An application like Whatsaap- an internet based messaging application is in high demand. It is available for iOS, Android as well as for Windows. People using an iphone or a smartphone with android or windows platform numerously use Whatsapp in such a way that it has become one of their primary needs. Whatsapp uses its technology to the send messages instantly. So instantaneous that once you click on the send button it appears in the screen of the contact person you have sent. May it be a written message, an image or a video; it is sent so fast that you can say within a blink of eye.Anyway, as far your privacy is concerned; you don’t have to be so serious with this. Now, reading the above article will lessen the chances of leaking your private messages. Hide them from the preview by following those simple steps. Whatsapp is an application that will store your messages in your phone. It is recommended that you increase your privacy level by applying passwords on your iphone. Further, it is recommended that you use any third-party apps on your phone that provide a simpler way of locking your iphone by various ways of locking. For example patterns, face unlocks, fingerprints; etc. Even though you have password protection still do not forget to HIDE WHATSAPP MESSAGE PREVIEW ON YOUR IPHONE.


  • Now, whenever you receive any notification on whatsapp there will be a notification saying message received followed by the contact sent you the message but the message content is kept hidden.
  • That’s all you need to do; and now your private messages, videos or any relevant documents shared through Whatsapp are fully kept personal. You can also follow the previous discussed methods to turn it ON in times you have don’t need them to hide. By toggling it ON you can receive your notifications in your notification panel.

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