How to Help a Preschooler Learn Her Address: 5 Steps
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Learning your address is a skill often introduced in preschool.

When you ask your child where she lives, does she respond with "in a house" or "on my street"? Most children learn to recognize numbers between 3 and 5 years of age, making the preschool years an ideal time to teach your tot her address. As you probably know, preschoolers don't always pick up the things you say (unless it happens to be a bad word), so you'll have to repeat the address lesson many times and in different ways to make it fun and productive.


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    Write down your address and hang it in a prominent place. Let your preschooler draw your house on a piece of paper. Add your address near the front door, but be sure it's actually the front door or you might be facing a meltdown. Hang the house on her closet door or the front of the refrigerator where she'll see it often. Recite your address with her while you wait for the water to boil or before she goes to sleep at night.
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    Practice saying your address often. Say your address and have your preschooler repeat it after you. Say the numbers first, followed by the street. Then do the city, state and zip code. Learning it all in small chunks makes it less overwhelming. Use monster, princess or alien voices to keep your preschooler engaged.
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    Sing your address. Set it to music to make it more fun for your preschooler, replacing the lyrics of a favorite ditty with the address details. Add a silly dance to make it even more engaging. After your child sings the information many times, she is likely to retain it, even if she has to sing to remember.
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    Play mail carrier. Preschoolers love imaginative play, and combining the game with address practice is a sneaky way to make something fun educational at the same time. Take a stack of envelopes and address them with three of four different addresses, including one that is yours. Challenge your preschooler to match the correct envelope to the address on your mailbox.
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    Play a matching game. This will foster your preschooler's sense of accomplishment, which makes learning her address more exciting. Write your address on an index card and give her a set of magnetic numbers and letters stuck to a cookie sheet. Help her match them to what is written on the card. Say each number and word as you go.


  • It's important for your child to learn her address as soon as she's developmentally ready, so she can give it to emergency personnel if needed.

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  • Paper
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  • Cookie sheet
  • Magnetic letters and numbersIndex cards
  • Envelopes

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